SSD Data Recovery – SSD Data Recovery in Edinburgh

SSD Data Recovery

SSD Data Recovery in Edinburgh.  A customer had been having problems getting this HP Model 15 laptop to boot to the desktop.  He eventually decided to seek professional help from us.

The laptop would switch on and get stuck on the Windows 10 loading screen.  We started the HP laptop Diagnostics and found that all was fine.  The only issue was the internal SSD drive failed the drive test.  We decided to remove the SSD drive and connect this to our DDI data recovery machine.  After changing a few options we manged to get access to drive.  From there we then imaged the SSD drive on to a spare hard drive before checking the data integrity.

SSD Data recovery in edinburgh

The customer was happy and we ordered a replacement SSD drive for him.  Once this arrived we fitted it back into the laptop and copied over the recovered data from the old SSD drive.

At City PC Repair we don’t just repair computers, mobile phones and tablets.  We also have a full professional data recovery service for any make and model of hard drive or SSD.  Be it PC, Mac drives internal or external.

At City PC Repairs – SSD data recovery in Edinburgh you are guaranteed:

A free evaluation of you SSD or Hard drive data problem.

A fix cost that will never change no matter what.

A strict no data no fee policy.  If we cant recover your data then you will pay nothing.

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