Macbook Repairs and Upgrades Edinburgh

Macbook Repairs and Upgrades Edinburgh

Macbook Repairs and Upgrades Edinburgh

Macbook Repairs and upgrades Edinburgh.  This is an old and very slow Apple Macbook Pro.  Handed in by a student who didn’t have much money to replace it.  He wanted our suggestions on how we could prolong the life of The Apple Macbook.  After much testing we found the Apple Mac Pro to be in good shape.  We solved the problem of the Mac running hot by replacing the thermal paste and CPU and cleaning the fan of years of dust.

Apple Mac Repairs in Edinburgh

One of the cheapest and best ways to improve the speed of an Apple Macbook is to replace the standard hard drive.  We replaced this one with a faster SSD drive.  The benefits of this are  the battery will last longer.  No moving parts in the SSD.  The speed of the laptop booting to the Mac OS will be around 20 seconds instead of 1 minute or so.  With the SSD drive replacement and the customers data transferred and the Macbook Pro running very cool now we should at least get another few years out of it.  The customer was delighted with the speed increase and saved a fortune on the cost of replacing his Mac.

At City PC Repairs we don’t just repair Laptops and Desktops.  We are fully equipped to repair any Apple IMac,  or variant of Macbook.  Our Apple Macbook Repairs Services cover the Edinburgh and Lothian’s.  We offer a free quote for any Apple Macintosh Repair.  When the customer receives the quote this is a fixed price.  At City PC Repairs in Edinburgh fixed price means fixed price.

As usual our standard no fix no fee policy applies.

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