Macbook Air Repair – Liquid Damage, Green Tea to be precise, strip and clean and fingers crossed we can salvage it.

Macbook Air Repairs Edinburgh

Macbook Air Repair Edinburgh

Macbook Air Repairs Edinburgh.  This owner of this Apple Macbook Air managed to spill green tea over the keyboard.  The customer said it wasn’t a lot of tea  so he continued to use it.  The next time he switched the Apple Macbook Air on it wouldn’t power up.  If you have a liquid spill on any Macbook device always get it checked by a professional before switching back on.  Switching back on is when the damage can be done.  Liquid damage can be expensive to fix.  Please remember this if it happens to you.

As you can see from the above picture the liquid had got to the Apple Macbook screen connector. When the customer switched the Macbook  Air on again this blew the laptop screen display.  In this case we came to the conclusion that we could fix everything and get the Apple Macbook Air up and running again but the cost would be uneconomical.

Edinburgh Macbook Air Repairs

Edinburgh Macbook Air Repairs


After contacting the customer with the final quote to fix the Apple Macbook Air he declined to go ahead as the cost too him just want worth it.  If you happen to be unfortunate enough to have a liquid spill on your Apple Mac, Air or Pro then please switch it off straight away and seek professional advice.

At City PC Repairs we specialize in all repairs for the Apple Macintosh family of laptops.  We can perform component repairs for Macbook, Macbook Pro and Macbook Air laptops.  Choose a truly independent Macbook Repairs Service in Edinburgh.  Save time and money.

City PC Repairs can provide a free quote for any Apple Macbook Air Repairs in Edinburgh.  Fixed price means fixed price.  In the end if we cant fix your Apple Macbook then we wont charge you a penny.

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