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HP Spectre Screen Repairs Edinburgh

HP Spectre Repairs Edinburgh

HP Spectre Laptop Repairs Edinburgh

Our HP Spectre Laptop Repairs Edinburgh. This Hp Spectre Laptop was handed in for laptop screen repairs.  The customer managed to drop the laptop and smash the touch screen and display. This should have been a fairly straight forward job.  Anyway we could only get a replacement screen and touch assembly direct from China.  This took about two weeks to arrived which wasn’t ideal.  The other options was to order the part from HP but this was very, very expensive.  We decided to wait for China. 

This is a very high spec laptop.  In my experience when it comes to HP Spectre Laptop Repairs, nothing goes according to plan.  This case was a fine example of what I mean.  The screen assembly eventually a arrived from China.  This should have just been a case of removing the complete screen assembly which we did.  On fitting the replacement screen assembly the display was fine.  But the touch display wouldn’t work at all.  We looked at the drivers for the touch display, reinstalled Windows onto a fresh hard drive to double check. 

HP Laptop Repairs Edinburgh

We also looked at Windows 10 itself.  We took off some of the Windows 10 updates, and applied them again one by one.  Still no difference.  What really took us by surprise was when one of my colleagues suggested a BIOS update.  I didn’t think this would work.  We set to work, BIOS update it is.  And believe it or not, after the BIOS update we had a touch screen working.

This just shows how HP Spectre Screen Repairs can be more than just a screen repair.  Obviously we didn’t charge anything extra for the time spent on this.  It just shoes how a straight forward job can grow legs and waste an afternoon of time.

At City PC Repairs in Edinburgh our laptop screen repairs service can take care of any make and model of laptop screen repair/replacement.  Call us today for your free quote, fixed price and no fix no fee Laptop Screen Repairs in Edinburgh.

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