Apple Mac Repairs Edinburgh

Apple Mac Repairs Edinburgh

An Apple Mac handed in for Repairs at our Edinburgh office.  This must be the slowest Apple Imac I have ever seen.  From powering on the Apple Mac we timed it at 7 minutes 13 seconds to boot to the desktop on this machine.  We did a complete diagnostic and found nothing wrong with the hardware inside.  We started to check the software and that’s when we found the issues.

Initially on the virus scan we found 19 viruses using CPU resources and hogging a vast amount of ram making the Apple Imac run very slowly.  After completing the malware scan this was even worse at 897.  The customer wanted her data saved.  We decided to get to work removing all off them.  Whilst on the telephone to the customer we suggested upgrading to an SSD drive as well as cleaning the inside of the Imac out.

Apple Mac Repairs Edinburgh

Edinburgh Apple Mac Repairs

After removal of all the spyware and viruses we installed an SSD upgrade.  This took the boot time down to 22 seconds.  A massive improvement.  Then we copied over the customers valuable data.

While the Imac was opened we took the chance to clean all the dust out as well.

Edinburgh Mac Repairs]

This is the final check and final scans for anything virus or malware related.  With all the Mac Repairs completed we ran the final checks and rang the customer with the good news.

At City PC Repairs we don’t just repairs laptops and PC’s.  We are fully equipped to repair any Apple Macbook, Macbook Pro, Macbook Air and any Apple Imac in the Edinburgh and Lothian’s area.

For a truly  independent and specialist Apple Mac repair service in Edinburgh call us today.  Save time and money with City PC Repairs in Edinburgh.

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