PC Repairs in Edinburgh – Computer Repairs in Edinburgh

PC Repairs and upgrades in Edinburgh

PC Repairs in Edinburgh

PC Repairs and computer repairs and upgrades in Edinburgh.   This customer upgraded from Windows 7 to Windows 10 and noticed the speed of the computer decreased straight away.  As Microsoft will be pulling support for Windows 7 shortly she decided to upgrade the CPU, Motherboard and Ram at the same time.  This is basically a new computer/pc just keeping the existing case the original power supply.  This want that old and had enough wattage to handle the new CPU etc.


Computer Repairs Edinburgh

Computer Repairs in Edinburgh

Computer Repairs Edinburgh – Only replacing 3 components but you always end up with a load of parts and boxes lying about.  Once the PC/computer upgrade had been completed, we backed up the customers user data.  Then we installed a fresh copy of Windows 10, updated it to the latest release and activated it.

The bench test is performed on any PC we upgrade or computer we build.  This is an extensive 48 hours bench test.  The idea behind it is if the Computer is going to fail make sure it happens in the workshop and not at the customer house.

This completed successfully and we then transferred the customers data to the new pc.

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