Ipad Repairs Edinburgh – Smashed Display

Ipad Repairs Edinburgh

At City PC Repairs our Ipad Repairs Service Edinburgh takes care of any repair for any model of Ipad.  Be it Ipad, Ipad Air or Ipad Mini.

If your Ipad battery is dead or not holding its charging like it used to we can help.  As with this Ipad handed in by a customer after he dropped it and smashed the top glass and display.  This was really bad.  It took us ages to remove the top glass as it had cracked in so many places.  The main task was to make sure all remains of glass had been removed before fitting the new display unit.  Anything left from the previous display might damage the new one once fitted.

Ipad Repairs Edinburgh

Once we had removed all glass from the Ipad we had a nice Ipad frame to glue the new display into.  This took a while as we had to use a cleaner to get rid of the combination of old glue and glass mixed together.

Ipad Mini Repairs Edinburgh

Edinburgh Ipad Repair Services

As you can see the Ipad Repair is now finished.  It may look a little rough round the edges but that’s just the remains of the glue and the top plastic protective cover is still attached.  The remains of  glue will peel off around the edges in the next couple of days leaving a really nice firm finish to the edge of the display.

At City PC Repairs we can offer the full range of Apple Ipad, Air, and Mini repair services in the Edinburgh and Lothian’s area.  From a smashed screen replaced like this one, to charging port repairs and battery replacements.

Call us for independent advice and repairs in the Edinburgh area, please have the Ipad model number to hand.  This is usually locate on the back of the tablet.  The letter “A” followed by 4 numbers.

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