Macbook Pro Repairs Edinburgh

Apple Macbook Pro Repairs Edinburgh

Macbook Pro Repairs Edinburgh

An Edinburgh based customer dropped this Apple Macbook Pro in for repairs after a liquid spill.  This was a nightmare job, the customer managed to spill liquid over this Apple Macbook  Pro.  I think it was a 2018 model.  Anyway after spilling the liquid the customer thought they had got away with it.  This was until she let the battery run out and then attached the charger to the USB-C charger socket.  From then the laptop was totally dead and would not charge or switch on at all.

The chance of repair with a job like this is very small.  We started by taking out the motherboard and cleaning all the liquid off.  We then identified parts on the motherboard that had been damaged by the liquid and repaired these.  After everything dried out we reassembled the Mac and checked it with a multi meter and everything seemed fine……but is wasn’t.

On further investigation we found a problem with the USB C charging socket, repair wasn’t possible but we did manage to find a replacement.  After further checks before switching on you can see the result.  One saved Apple Macbook Pro.

Edinburgh Macbook  Repairs

At City PC Repairs in Edinburgh we have a fully equipped workshop.  We are Apple Macbook Repairs Specialists.  Be it Apple Macbook, Macbook Pro or Macbook Air.

Some examples of the services we offer at City PC Repairs include:

Apple Mac battery replacement.

Charging issue’s with your Macbook.

Macbook Hard Drive problems and Data Recovery.

Macbook Screen Replacement Service.

Corrupt Mac OS,  data backup and reinstall.

Whatever the issue with you’re Apple Mac, at  City PC Repairs we can help you in the Edinburgh and Lothians area.

Give us a call with the problem and you model number and year of birth of you’re Mac for professional independent advice.

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