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A customers very slow running Lenovo Laptop in for repairs.  After Checking it out we suggested changing the Hard Drive to an SSD Drive.  In every other way this laptop was working fine but was just very slow.  After bench testing using our own and Lenovo software we decided it to go ahead with the change.  The hard drive inside was a few years old.  Our Lenovo Software detected the earlier than normal failure of the internal hard drive.  The drive was still running but access was getting slower by the day.

Lenovo Laptop Being Repaired

The old hard slow hard drive on the left and the faster SSD drive on the right.  The one on the left is slow by todays standards.

Installing Windows 10 on a Lenovo Laptop

Installing Windows 10 on the Lenovo Laptop.  The customer has some photo’s on the old hard drive which we will transfer onto the SSD drive for him after we have completed the repair and upgrade.


installing windows 10 updates lenovo laptop

After The Lenovo laptop was repaired – Installing Windows 10 updates before copying photo’s over and running final bench test before calling the customer.  Laptop now boots to the desktop in 20 seconds.  After a final speed test the results made a massive change to the end user experience.

At City PC Repairs we are specialists in the repair of Lenovo laptops in the Edinburgh and Lothian’s Area.  We are also well equipped to deal with and brand of repair HP, Asus, Lenovo, Dell amongst others.  Our most common services are laptop screen repairs, charging socket repairs and data recovery.

At City PC Repairs we provide a fast and affordable repair service for any computer, fixed prices before the repair is started.  The customer is always in control of the costs.

Specialist Lenovo Laptop Repairs in Edinburgh.