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This Macbook Air was handed in for repairs.  A1466 Was the model number.  The chap was local and stays across the road from our shop.  It was working fine until he spilled some coffee on it.  He thought he had got away without causing any damage until the next time he tried to switch the Apple Macbook Air on again.  We see a lot of these liquid Damaged Macbooks and Macbook Air’s needing repairs.

Yes thats right it was totally dead.   Seeing as he had already purchased a new Macbook we set to work on repairing the motherboard.  We found liquid damage on and around the motherboard, we had parts in stock that would fix this.  We thought the keyboard would need to be changed but after stripping a cleaning it came back to life.

This was a good result and a great little job to keep us occupied.  The customer already purchased a replacement so I think this one will be sold on after the repairs are completed.

If you have a similar problem, an Apple Mac or  any model of laptop then please help yourself by switching the Mac or Laptop off straight away.   By doing this you have increased the chances of fixing the problem and saving you money at the same time. Our Macbook Repairs Services and Laptop Repair Services in Edinburgh are both fast and affordable.

At City PC Repairs we offer a full range of Macbook, Macbook Air Repairs and Service covering the Edinburgh and Lothian’s area.  Offering a free quote for and Macbook Repair or Laptop Repair with a fixed cost before the customer goes ahead with any work.