Microsoft Surface Repairs Edinburgh

Microsoft Surface Repairs Edinburgh

Recently we received this Microsoft Surface Tablet through the post for repairs.  On looking at the tablet the back of the case looked to be slightly deformed.  We initially thought that this would be a waste of time.  Still we tried our best to repair it to our usual high standards.  As you can see from the picture the screen had broken into bits and shards.  On this Microsoft Tablet I think the screen had been replaced before.  This is because the glue holding the display in was very strong.  Usually the display comes off in about 10 minutes after preheating the display.  Not in this case, it too over an hour.

Microsoft Surafce Repairs Edinburgh

Tablet Screen Replacement Services Edinburgh

As you can see from the picture it really is a mess, cracks and shards of glass everywhere.  You can imagine how long it too us to get the display off and clean the remaining glue from the body of the Microsoft Surface Tablet.  After what seemed like an eternity we finally have a chassis of the tablet to glue the new screen and digitizer into the body of the tablet.  Eventually below we have the finished article, as good as new.

Tablet Screen Replacement Services Edinburgh – Microsoft Surface Pro Repairs Edinburgh

Microsoft Surface Pro Tablet Repairs Edinburgh

The finished article, looks a little rough but that’s the screen protector film its yet to be removed.  The customer can have the joy of a nice fresh and clean tablet display.


At City PC Repairs we offer a full Microsoft Surface Repair Service in the Edinburgh and Lothian’s, If you have similar issue then please get in contact with us.   We are also fully equipped to repair any other make and model of tablet:

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