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Xbox One Repairs Edinburgh

Xbox One Repairs Edinburgh, Console Repairs Edinburgh.  At City PC Repairs we don’t just repair Laptops, Macs, Phones and Tablets.  We also have a full repair service for Xbox and Play Station.  In this particular case below this was a broken HDMI socket.  We stripped the Xbox One and cleaned the inside of any dust.  We then un-soldered the faulty broken HDMI socket and replaced it with a new one.  This is a common repair.  Always make sure the TV and Xbox One are switched off when connecting and disconnecting the HDMI cable just to be safe.  Also always have the Xbox on a level surface so it cant be knocked over as in the case.

Xbox One Repairs Edinburgh

Console Repairs Edinburgh

Console Repairs Edinburgh

Our Console Repairs Service in Edinburgh covers any make and model.  Nintendo, Xbox One and Play Station to name a few.  We can repair broken HDMI sockets as in the case as well as:

Broken power and charging sockets.

HDMI and USB Sockets repaired.

Hard drive and storage upgrades.

A good old fashion strip and clean.  Rid the gaming console of the dust that’s built up over the years.

DVD or Blue Ray drive not working or not reading discs.

Random crashing or the console not booting up properly.

Overheating, we can strip and clean the console to reduce the temperature whilst in use.

What ever the problem give us a call, we can usually help.  As always we will evaluate the problem free of charge and offer a fixed cost for repair.  As always we offer a no fix no fee policy for most repairs.  Ask for details.

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