SD Card Data Recovery Services

SD Card Data Recovery Services

Specialist SD Card Data Recovery Services.  At City PC Repairs we are specialists in data recovery.  We are one of the few truly independent data recovery specialists in Edinburgh.  We can recover user data from most media types.  Hard drive, SSD, SD card, Compact Flash, Smartphones and Tablets.

We can help with hard drive data recovery.  Is your hard drive clicking – not powering on, been accidentally formatted or just cant access your files.  We can evaluate the chances of recovering your data and provided a fixed cost for hard drive data recovery.  This service covers internal/external hard drives for PC, Laptop, Mac, Linux, Nas and Raid.

SD Card Data Recovery Edinburgh

Flash Data Recovery Edinburgh – SSD Data Recovery

Flash Data Recovery Edinburgh

Our Flash Data recovery services covers 2.5″ SSD drives, M2 SSD’s and Apple Mac SSD drives.  We also have a fully equipped lab specializing in Smartphones and Tablet Data Recovery.  All our services are backed by a free evaluation with a fixed price for data recovery.  We work on a no data no fee basis.  Ask for details. 

If your SSD is no longer detected, cant be accessed or your compact flash card is asking to be formatted then please get in touch.

Smartphone and Tablet Data Recovery

Our Lab at is equipped to either repair you smartphone or tablet to be to access your data.  If this cannot be achieved then we can remove data chips from your device and read them independently to recover your user data.   Our Nand-Off data recovery service also comes with a free evaluation and backed with a no data no few policy.  Ask for details.  In some cases donor parts may need to be purchased.  You will be advised of this on the initial evaluation of the data recovery case.


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