Laptop Repair Shop Edinburgh

At City PC repairs we have been trading since 2004, looking after the tech repairs needs for individuals and small businesses in and around the Edinburgh area. Based in Leith, Edinburgh we have many years of experience when it comes to Computer Repairs, Laptop Repairs, PC Repairs, Mac Repairs as well as Iphone Repairs and Ipad Repairs. We are friendly and affordable.

We have invested heavily in specialist data recovery hardware, software and training. The allows us to offer an independent industry leading data recovery service for any make and model of hard drive or ssd drive as well as data recovery services for Iphone’s, Ipad’s and most models of tablets and smartphones.

Computer and PC Repair in Edinburgh

Our Computer repair service is available onsite or from our office. PC repair and upgrade services cover repairs for any model of PC’s.

  • Power supply replacement
  • Custom built computers for office or gaming use
  • PC Repair of Motherboards, and upgrades, Memory and graphics card upgrades
  • Hard drive upgrades, Ssd drive upgrades and data recovery from faulty media
  • Virus and malware removal
  • Security review of your PC
  • Windows software repairs, blue screen of death tracked and fixed
  • Random system hangs or crashes fixed
  • Hard drive data recovery services
  • Ssd data recovery services
  • Liquid damaged PC laptop repairs

Laptop Repair in Edinburgh

Our Laptop repair service is only available form our shop, these upgrades and repairs cover the following, any make and model of Laptop for home or business

  • Laptop touch screen repairs or replacement
  • Smashed or damaged laptop displays repaired (Laptop Screen Replacement Service)
  • Broken charging sockets repaired or replaced
  • Virus and malware removal service
  • Windows software and driver issues resolved
  • Overheating laptops stripped and cleaned
  • Faulty or liquid damaged laptop keyboards repaired or replaced
  • Repair of faulty or broken laptop USB ports, HDMI sockets etc
  • Memory and hard drive upgrades
  • Laptop hard drive data recovery services
  • Laptop Ssd data recovery services
  • Liquid damaged or dropped laptops repaired or including an inspection report for insurance purposes

Apple Mac Repairs in Edinburgh

Our Mac repair service is a one stop repair shop for any Apple Imac, Mac book, Mac book Pro or Mac book Air.

  • Broken or damaged screen assemblies replaced (Mac Screen Replacement Service)
  • Virus and malware removal (yes Mac’s do get viruses)
  • Dead Mac’s diagnosed
  • Water damaged Mac’s repaired or reports created for insurance purposes
  • Memory, hard drive and ssd drive upgrades
  • Hard drive data recovery and ssd drive data recovery for Mac’s
  • Charging socket repairs
  • Overheating Mac’s cured
  • Crashing, hanging or non booting Mac’s brought back to life.

Apple Iphone Repair in Edinburgh

Our Iphone repair service is usually a same day service for your phone, only available from our shop.

  • Fast Iphone screen replacement
  • Charging socket repairs and replacement for your Iphone
  • Iphone home button repairs
  • Battery replacement for your Iphone
  • Dead or liquid damaged Iphone’s repaired
  • Volume buttons, headphone jacks repaired or replaced
  • Iphone data recovery

Ipad Repairs in Edinburgh

Our Ipad repair service is usually a next day service available only form our shop.

  • Ipad screen replacement
  • Charging socket repairs for your Ipad
  • Ipad home buttons repaired
  • Battery replacement for you Ipad
  • Dead or liquid damaged Ipad’s brought back to life
  • Volume buttons, headphone jack repairs
  • Ipad data recovery

Data Recovery Services in Edinburgh

Our data recovery service is a specialist service. We have invested in the latest hardware and software to be able to offer industry leading data recovery success rates for the following media types.

  • Internal and external hard drives
  • Ssd drives internal and external
  • Portable expansion hard drives
  • Apple internal hard drives, internal Ssd drives and external Mac hard drives
  • Sd cards, Micro Sd cards
  • Usb stick and pens
  • Iphone, Ipad, Smartphone and Tablet data recovery

Free evaluation of the problem with a fixed cost for Repair

At City PC Repairs the repair process is a very simple one.

  • Customer drops off an item for repair at our store
  • The customer is contacted with a fixed cost for their repair
  • Customer decides if they would like accept or decline the offer
  • If the customer goes ahead then the customer pays the fixed price quoted
  • If the customer decides not to go ahead with the repair then the item will be made available for collection
  • Simple

At City PC Repairs we do not charge for the evaluation of your PC, Laptop, Mac, Phone or Tablet. That’s why its called a free no obligation evaluation, for home or business users. Our no fix no fee policy always applies, if it doesn’t you will be notified before hand.

Located at 14 Elgin Terrace, Edinburgh. No appointment needed. just pop in or contact us today, 0131 661 9591