Your grand investment in an Microsoft Surface Pro will be great for anything you want to do. Whether you are a graphic designer looking to use the best software available or you are a keen gamer, the powerful Surface Pro is ideal.

However, like anything in the technological world it is prone to problems and issues. These are sometimes created as a result of poor practice or through a random fault, but no matter what we can find a solution.

By choosing City PC Repairs for your Microsoft Surface Pro repairs you will get a quick, convenient and cost-effective answer to your concerns. Our experience working with Microsoft Tablet products is shown through the wide range of Tablet Repair services we can provide.

If you are facing any of the following Surface Pro repairs, we can help you:

  • Not charging or powering on
  • Smashed Screen Display
  • Running slow or overheating
  • Broken USB, charging or headphone ports
  • Software problems
  • Liquid spillages
  • Virus concerns
  • Surface Pro and Tablet Data Recovery

On top of these comprehensive Surface Pro repairs, we are the perfect team to call in Edinburgh for any make and model of Tablet Repairs in Edinburgh.

To discover more about our work at City PC Repairs in Edinburgh, get in contact with us.