Trusted And Professional Computer Repairs In Edinburgh

Located in Edinburgh, our computer repair shop has become an important place for businesses and individuals looking to find a solution.

Whether you have a Mac, Macbook, laptop, desktop or tablets and mobile devices of any kind, we have the experience to repair them. By choosing City PC Repairs you will receive helpful advice on how to keep your system healthy and avoid those common issues following the repair.

When a problem does happen you will want a convenient service that you can put your faith in. At City PC Repairs we are experienced in solving a number of common issues with Macs, laptops and desktop computers.

What types of computer repairs in Edinburgh do we offer at City PC Repairs?

  • Computer not booting or starting up improperly
  • Battery charge is not lasting, or off-charge power runs out too quickly
  • Freezing problems when performing simple tasks
  • Virus or malware concerns
  • Damage from a fall or liquid been spilt

In any case, our team at City PC Repairs can find a solution that lasts. From replacing batteries and fixing software issues through to installing anti-virus protection and recommending best use practices, we can refresh the health of your computer.

Choose our computer repairs in Edinburgh whenever you notice an issue or if you have a query about the performance of your Mac, laptop, desktop or tablets and mobile phones.

Book our team at City PC Repairs for a diagnosis today.