Microsoft Surface Repairs Edinburgh

Microsoft Surface Repairs Edinburgh

Recently we received this Microsoft Surface Tablet through the post for repairs.  On looking at the tablet the back of the case looked to be slightly deformed.  We initially thought that this would be a waste of time.  Still we tried our best to repair it to our usual high standards.  As you can see from the picture the screen had broken into bits and shards.  On this Microsoft Tablet I think the screen had been replaced before.  This is because the glue holding the display in was very strong.  Usually the display comes off in about 10 minutes after preheating the display.  Not in this case, it too over an hour.

Microsoft Surafce Repairs Edinburgh

Tablet Screen Replacement Services Edinburgh

As you can see from the picture it really is a mess, cracks and shards of glass everywhere.  You can imagine how long it too us to get the display off and clean the remaining glue from the body of the Microsoft Surface Tablet.  After what seemed like an eternity we finally have a chassis of the tablet to glue the new screen and digitizer into the body of the tablet.  Eventually below we have the finished article, as good as new.

Tablet Screen Replacement Services Edinburgh – Microsoft Surface Pro Repairs Edinburgh

Microsoft Surface Pro Tablet Repairs Edinburgh

The finished article, looks a little rough but that’s the screen protector film its yet to be removed.  The customer can have the joy of a nice fresh and clean tablet display.


At City PC Repairs we offer a full Microsoft Surface Repair Service in the Edinburgh and Lothian’s, If you have similar issue then please get in contact with us.   We are also fully equipped to repair any other make and model of tablet:

Samsung Galaxy

Lenovo Yoga Tabs

Sony Xperia’s

Ipad, Ipad Air, Ipad mini’s.

Contact US with a description of the fault and the tablet make and model number for further assistance.



MacBook Repairs Edinburgh – liquid spill, no power no nothing

Macbook Repairs Edinburgh – Trusted Apple Repairs Edinburgh – Specialist Mac Repairs Edinburgh

macbook repairs edinburgh

Mac Repairs Edinburgh


This Macbook Air was handed in for repairs.  A1466 Was the model number.  The chap was local and stays across the road from our shop.  It was working fine until he spilled some coffee on it.  He thought he had got away without causing any damage until the next time he tried to switch the Apple Macbook Air on again.  We see a lot of these liquid Damaged Macbooks and Macbook Air’s needing repairs.

Yes thats right it was totally dead.   Seeing as he had already purchased a new Macbook we set to work on repairing the motherboard.  We found liquid damage on and around the motherboard, we had parts in stock that would fix this.  We thought the keyboard would need to be changed but after stripping a cleaning it came back to life.

This was a good result and a great little job to keep us occupied.  The customer already purchased a replacement so I think this one will be sold on after the repairs are completed.

If you have a similar problem, an Apple Mac or  any model of laptop then please help yourself by switching the Mac or Laptop off straight away.   By doing this you have increased the chances of fixing the problem and saving you money at the same time. Our Macbook Repairs Services and Laptop Repair Services in Edinburgh are both fast and affordable.

At City PC Repairs we offer a full range of Macbook, Macbook Air Repairs and Service covering the Edinburgh and Lothian’s area.  Offering a free quote for and Macbook Repair or Laptop Repair with a fixed cost before the customer goes ahead with any work.

Lenovo Laptop Repairs Edinburgh – Slow Running Lenovo Laptop Fixed

Lenovo Laptop Repairs Edinburgh- HP Laptop Repairs Edinburgh  Asus Laptop Repairs Edinburgh Dell Laptop Repairs Edinburgh

A customers very slow running Lenovo Laptop in for repairs.  After Checking it out we suggested changing the Hard Drive to an SSD Drive.  In every other way this laptop was working fine but was just very slow.  After bench testing using our own and Lenovo software we decided it to go ahead with the change.  The hard drive inside was a few years old.  Our Lenovo Software detected the earlier than normal failure of the internal hard drive.  The drive was still running but access was getting slower by the day.

Lenovo Laptop Being Repaired

The old hard slow hard drive on the left and the faster SSD drive on the right.  The one on the left is slow by todays standards.

Installing Windows 10 on a Lenovo Laptop

Installing Windows 10 on the Lenovo Laptop.  The customer has some photo’s on the old hard drive which we will transfer onto the SSD drive for him after we have completed the repair and upgrade.


installing windows 10 updates lenovo laptop

After The Lenovo laptop was repaired – Installing Windows 10 updates before copying photo’s over and running final bench test before calling the customer.  Laptop now boots to the desktop in 20 seconds.  After a final speed test the results made a massive change to the end user experience.

At City PC Repairs we are specialists in the repair of Lenovo laptops in the Edinburgh and Lothian’s Area.  We are also well equipped to deal with and brand of repair HP, Asus, Lenovo, Dell amongst others.  Our most common services are laptop screen repairs, charging socket repairs and data recovery.

At City PC Repairs we provide a fast and affordable repair service for any computer, fixed prices before the repair is started.  The customer is always in control of the costs.

Specialist Lenovo Laptop Repairs in Edinburgh.

Macbook Pro Repairs Edinburgh

Apple Macbook Pro Repairs Edinburgh

Macbook Pro Repairs Edinburgh

An Edinburgh based customer dropped this Apple Macbook Pro in for repairs after a liquid spill.  This was a nightmare job, the customer managed to spill liquid over this Apple Macbook  Pro.  I think it was a 2018 model.  Anyway after spilling the liquid the customer thought they had got away with it.  This was until she let the battery run out and then attached the charger to the USB-C charger socket.  From then the laptop was totally dead and would not charge or switch on at all.

The chance of repair with a job like this is very small.  We started by taking out the motherboard and cleaning all the liquid off.  We then identified parts on the motherboard that had been damaged by the liquid and repaired these.  After everything dried out we reassembled the Mac and checked it with a multi meter and everything seemed fine……but is wasn’t.

On further investigation we found a problem with the USB C charging socket, repair wasn’t possible but we did manage to find a replacement.  After further checks before switching on you can see the result.  One saved Apple Macbook Pro.

Edinburgh Macbook  Repairs

At City PC Repairs in Edinburgh we have a fully equipped workshop.  We are Apple Macbook Repairs Specialists.  Be it Apple Macbook, Macbook Pro or Macbook Air.

Some examples of the services we offer at City PC Repairs include:

Apple Mac battery replacement.

Charging issue’s with your Macbook.

Macbook Hard Drive problems and Data Recovery.

Macbook Screen Replacement Service.

Corrupt Mac OS,  data backup and reinstall.

Whatever the issue with you’re Apple Mac, at  City PC Repairs we can help you in the Edinburgh and Lothians area.

Give us a call with the problem and you model number and year of birth of you’re Mac for professional independent advice.

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Ipad Repairs Edinburgh – Smashed Display

Ipad Repairs Edinburgh

At City PC Repairs our Ipad Repairs Service Edinburgh takes care of any repair for any model of Ipad.  Be it Ipad, Ipad Air or Ipad Mini.

If your Ipad battery is dead or not holding its charging like it used to we can help.  As with this Ipad handed in by a customer after he dropped it and smashed the top glass and display.  This was really bad.  It took us ages to remove the top glass as it had cracked in so many places.  The main task was to make sure all remains of glass had been removed before fitting the new display unit.  Anything left from the previous display might damage the new one once fitted.

Ipad Repairs Edinburgh

Once we had removed all glass from the Ipad we had a nice Ipad frame to glue the new display into.  This took a while as we had to use a cleaner to get rid of the combination of old glue and glass mixed together.

Ipad Mini Repairs Edinburgh

Edinburgh Ipad Repair Services

As you can see the Ipad Repair is now finished.  It may look a little rough round the edges but that’s just the remains of the glue and the top plastic protective cover is still attached.  The remains of  glue will peel off around the edges in the next couple of days leaving a really nice firm finish to the edge of the display.

At City PC Repairs we can offer the full range of Apple Ipad, Air, and Mini repair services in the Edinburgh and Lothian’s area.  From a smashed screen replaced like this one, to charging port repairs and battery replacements.

Call us for independent advice and repairs in the Edinburgh area, please have the Ipad model number to hand.  This is usually locate on the back of the tablet.  The letter “A” followed by 4 numbers.

Contact us 0131 661 9591


Apple Mac Repairs Edinburgh

Apple Mac Repairs Edinburgh

An Apple Mac handed in for Repairs at our Edinburgh office.  This must be the slowest Apple Imac I have ever seen.  From powering on the Apple Mac we timed it at 7 minutes 13 seconds to boot to the desktop on this machine.  We did a complete diagnostic and found nothing wrong with the hardware inside.  We started to check the software and that’s when we found the issues.

Initially on the virus scan we found 19 viruses using CPU resources and hogging a vast amount of ram making the Apple Imac run very slowly.  After completing the malware scan this was even worse at 897.  The customer wanted her data saved.  We decided to get to work removing all off them.  Whilst on the telephone to the customer we suggested upgrading to an SSD drive as well as cleaning the inside of the Imac out.

Apple Mac Repairs Edinburgh

Edinburgh Apple Mac Repairs

After removal of all the spyware and viruses we installed an SSD upgrade.  This took the boot time down to 22 seconds.  A massive improvement.  Then we copied over the customers valuable data.

While the Imac was opened we took the chance to clean all the dust out as well.

Edinburgh Mac Repairs]

This is the final check and final scans for anything virus or malware related.  With all the Mac Repairs completed we ran the final checks and rang the customer with the good news.

At City PC Repairs we don’t just repairs laptops and PC’s.  We are fully equipped to repair any Apple Macbook, Macbook Pro, Macbook Air and any Apple Imac in the Edinburgh and Lothian’s area.

For a truly  independent and specialist Apple Mac repair service in Edinburgh call us today.  Save time and money with City PC Repairs in Edinburgh.

Our Mac Repairs Services in Edinburgh

Our Mac Screen Replacement Services in Edinburgh

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PC Repairs in Edinburgh – Computer Repairs in Edinburgh

PC Repairs and upgrades in Edinburgh

PC Repairs in Edinburgh

PC Repairs and computer repairs and upgrades in Edinburgh.   This customer upgraded from Windows 7 to Windows 10 and noticed the speed of the computer decreased straight away.  As Microsoft will be pulling support for Windows 7 shortly she decided to upgrade the CPU, Motherboard and Ram at the same time.  This is basically a new computer/pc just keeping the existing case the original power supply.  This want that old and had enough wattage to handle the new CPU etc.


Computer Repairs Edinburgh

Computer Repairs in Edinburgh

Computer Repairs Edinburgh – Only replacing 3 components but you always end up with a load of parts and boxes lying about.  Once the PC/computer upgrade had been completed, we backed up the customers user data.  Then we installed a fresh copy of Windows 10, updated it to the latest release and activated it.

The bench test is performed on any PC we upgrade or computer we build.  This is an extensive 48 hours bench test.  The idea behind it is if the Computer is going to fail make sure it happens in the workshop and not at the customer house.

This completed successfully and we then transferred the customers data to the new pc.

Our Services.

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Ipad Repairs Edinburgh

Iphone Repairs Ipad Repairs Edinburgh

Ipad Repairs – Iphone Repairs – Tablet Repairs Edinburgh

Ipad repairs iphone repairs tablet repairs edinburgh

Ipad Repairs, Iphone Repairs and Tablet Repairs at City PC Repairs In Edinburgh. Our repairs services cover any make and model of mobile phone or tablet.  Repairs are available from our Edinburgh office.

Ipad Repairs

Our Ipad repairs cover everything from a smashed top glass or display to a charging port repair or replacement.  Is your home button not working or the touch screen randomly working by itself?  If your Ipad isn’t holding its charge then we can help with a replacement battery.  Is your Ipad dead or stuck on under 10% battery power?

Iphone Repairs

As with our Ipad repairs service we can help with any problem Iphone’s. 

Smashed screens replaced.

Home buttons fixed.

Volume buttons repairs or replaced,

Head phone jacks, microphone and speakers can be replaced.

Dead and liquid damaged repair services for Ipad and Iphone’s.

Battery replacement services.

Tablet and Smartphone Repairs in Edinburgh.

At City PC Repairs we are fully equipped to repair any smartphone or tablet in the Edinburgh area from any brand.

Apple Iphone and Ipad.

Sony Xperia.

Samsung Galaxy Tab and S 7,8,9,10 smartphones.

Huawei Tablets and Phones.

One Plus Phones.

Acer Tablets.

Asus Tablets.

Microsoft Surface and Surface Pro.

What ever the problem we can help:

Smashed screen displays replaced.

Mirco USB and USB C charging sockets repaired or replaced.

Battery charging issues solved.

Android or Apple OS problems fixed.

Microphones, speakers and key controls repaired or replaced.

A fixed price is quoted for every repair we are asked to do.  This keeps the customer in control of the costs. At City PC Repairs once we have quoted a fixed price this will never change.  As always you have the back up of our no fix no fee to pay guarantee.

Our phone repair services.

Our tablet repairs services.

About City PC Repairs

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Iphone Repairs edinburgh

Iphone Repair Service – Ipad Repairs in Edinburgh

Iphone Repair Service – Ipad Repairs Edinburgh

Iphone Repair Service Edinburgh

Our Iphone repair service, Ipad Repairs Edinburgh.  At City PC Repairs we see more than our fair share of Iphone’s in for repair.  We can repair any model of Apple Iphone.  From a straight forward screen replacement, to a battery replacement.  We also have a repair service covering home buttons, volume buttons and microphone, speakers and headphone jacks.  The Iphone above was dropped in early in the morning and the screen was replaced the same day.  Our Iphone repairs:

Our Apple Iphone Repair service covers any model of Iphone.  We can repair:

Charging Problems and dead or dying battery issues.

Cracked touch screens and displays replaced.

Software problems fixed, randomly locking up, freezing.

Data Recovery from you Apple Iphone.

Home button, speakers, microphones, headphone jack repairs and replacement.

Dead no power Iphone’s brought back to life.

What ever your Apple Iphone Repair give City PC Repairs in Edinburgh a call for your free quote, fixed cost repairs and no fix no fee.

Ipad Repairs Edinburgh

Our Ipad Repairs Edinburgh covers any model of Ipad.  We can repair:

Charging Problems and bead or dying battery issues.

Cracked touch screens and displays replaced.

Software problems fixed, randomly locking up, freezing.

Data Recovery from you Apple Ipad.

Home button, speakers, microphones, headphone jack repairs and replacement.

Dead no power Ipad’s brought back to life.

What ever your Apple Ipad Repair give City PC Repairs in Edinburgh a call for your free quote, fixed cost repairs and no fix no fee.

At City PC Repairs in Edinburgh.  We offer free quotes with a fixed price for any Iphone or Ipad repair.  Fixed price means fixed price and guaranteed no fix no fee.

About City PC Repairs.

Our Iphone Repair Services.

Our Ipad Repair Services.

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Imac Repairs Edinburgh

Imac Repairs Edinburgh Slow Apple Imac

Imac Repairs Edinburgh Slow Apple Imac

Imac Repairs Edinburgh

Apple Imac Repairs and Mac Repairs Edinburgh. This very slow and overheating Apple Imac was delivered by a customer to our Edinburgh office.  The Imac was running so slowly.  It was also overheating in a big way.  This is a common problem on this model of Imac.  Repairs and servicing are neglected because to get into the Imac the display has to be taken out.  The rule of thumb is if the display comes out do everything you can think of  inside the Mac that you can.

In this case the customer was a heavy smoker and by the looks of it had a cat.  Once the Apple Imac Screen was removed we blasted all the dirt and dust from inside.  Removing the fans and cleaning them out as well as replacing the thermal paste on the CPU to help with the cooling.  In addition whilst inside the Imac we decided to give it a decent speed boost by copying the customers hard drive onto a new faster SSD drive.

When the customer collects his Apple Imac it will be as clean and run faster than when he originally bought it.

Mac Repairs Services Edinburgh

Our Mac Repairs Service in Edinburgh covers any year and model:

Apple Imac repairs in Edinburgh.

Macbook, Macbook Pro, Macbook Air.  At City PC Repairs all our Apple Mac repair services are conducted in house.  We are truly independent when it come to Apple Mac Repairs in the Edinburgh and Lothian’s area.

All our services included a free quote, a fixed cost for any Apple Repair.  At City PC Repairs a fixed price means a fixed price.  All backed up with our warranty and our policy of if we don’t fix it we don’t charge a thing.

About us.

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