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Data Recovery Service – another early SSD failure

Data Recovery Service – Hard Drive and SSD

Data Recovery Service

At City PC Repairs we offer a full data recovery service, SSD and Hard Drive.  Unlike most computer repairs shops.  We have invested heavily over the last few years obtaining the industry standard data recovery hardware and software.  The PC3000 Express with SSD addon supplied by Ace Labs in Prague and the Deepspar DDI 4 supplied by Deepspar in Canada.

Edinburgh Data Recovery Services

Both these machines are the industry leading hardware and software solutions to maximize data recovery from faulty, damaged and dropped hard drives and SSD drives.  These machines cost thousands of pounds to buy hence the cost of data recovery services can be fairly expensive.  If you have a data recovery case then it pays to choose the recovery company wisely.  At City PC Repairs we can offer a free hard drive or SSD drive evaluation while the customer waits.  Both in person or by post.

Fixed Cost Data Recovery.

Once the evaluation of the hard drive or SSD has been completed.  We can then proceed to offering the customer a fixed cost to recover the data.  Once quoted this is how much the customer will pay.  If the customer decides not to go ahead then that’s fine.

What types of Data Recovery Service Can City PC Repairs Help with?

We can recover data from any make and model of hard drive or SSD.  Western Digital, Toshiba, Samsung, Seagate, WD Passport, WD MyBook, WD Mypassbook.  This covers internal 2.5″ and 3.5″ hard drives and portable external hard drives.  Both USB 3 and USB C portable hard drives.  We can recovery your data from any hard drive some examples.

Our Data Recovery Service covers.

Dropped hard drive – clicking.

The hard drive cant be detected by the Mac, laptop its connected to.

Files have been corrupted.

The hard drive data recovery when the drive has no power at all.

Data recovery from a formatted drive.

Drive has been connected to the wrong power supply.

USB hard drive recovery – hard drive broken connections etc.

If unsure please give us a call.  Seek professional advice first.  It could save your data.

Our data recovery Service is one of the few truly independent professional data recovery labs in Edinburgh.  City PC Repairs is located in Edinburgh at 14 Elgin Terrace, Edinburgh, EH7 5NW.

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HP laptop repairs edinburgh

Laptop Repairs Edinburgh – Ram Sockets Repaired

Laptop Repairs Edinburgh

Laptop Repairs Edinburgh

Repairs to an HP laptop at our Edinburgh workshop.  The customer had been having problems getting the this HP laptop to boot to the desktop.  Whenever he switched the laptop on it would have power but just display a blank screen.  Over a number of weeks he worked out a fix.  If the laptop was switched on for an hour before use he could restart it.  It would then be fine for hours on end

This seemed a little odd to us.   But as the customer wasn’t in a hurry and was on the verge of just replacing the Hp Model 15.  We decided to spend some time and see if we could get to the bottom of the problem.  15 years experience tells us HP laptops have a reputation for running hot and causing strange problems like this.

Edinburgh Laptop Repairs

Edinburgh Laptop Repairs

After spending a few days monitoring this Hp Model 15 laptop we came to the conclusion the memory sockets had a fault.  We tested the laptop with 3 or 4 brands of memory and still had the same problem.   On opening the laptop we stripped and cleaned the CPU.  Cleaned the CPU fan, the ram sockets with contact cleaner.  Over the next few days we would test the laptop each morning from cold to make sure it was working from a cold start every morning with success.

This took a lot of time but was very satisfying to get to the bottom of the problem and be able to call the customer and say it was all fixed.

This is the before and after, the first picture is the laptop not posting at all, the second is after the HP laptop had been stripped and the ram sockets repaired.

At City PC Repairs our laptop repairs service cover every make and model of laptop in use today, HP, Dell, Asus, Acer and Lenovo to name a few.  If you are in need of laptop repairs in the Edinburgh area the feel free to contact us.

We offer free quotes and fixed prices for any laptop repairs in the Edinburgh and Lothians Area.

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Macbook Air Repair – Liquid Damage, Green Tea to be precise, strip and clean and fingers crossed we can salvage it.

Macbook Air Repairs Edinburgh

Macbook Air Repair Edinburgh

Macbook Air Repairs Edinburgh.  This owner of this Apple Macbook Air managed to spill green tea over the keyboard.  The customer said it wasn’t a lot of tea  so he continued to use it.  The next time he switched the Apple Macbook Air on it wouldn’t power up.  If you have a liquid spill on any Macbook device always get it checked by a professional before switching back on.  Switching back on is when the damage can be done.  Liquid damage can be expensive to fix.  Please remember this if it happens to you.

As you can see from the above picture the liquid had got to the Apple Macbook screen connector. When the customer switched the Macbook  Air on again this blew the laptop screen display.  In this case we came to the conclusion that we could fix everything and get the Apple Macbook Air up and running again but the cost would be uneconomical.

Edinburgh Macbook Air Repairs

Edinburgh Macbook Air Repairs


After contacting the customer with the final quote to fix the Apple Macbook Air he declined to go ahead as the cost too him just want worth it.  If you happen to be unfortunate enough to have a liquid spill on your Apple Mac, Air or Pro then please switch it off straight away and seek professional advice.

At City PC Repairs we specialize in all repairs for the Apple Macintosh family of laptops.  We can perform component repairs for Macbook, Macbook Pro and Macbook Air laptops.  Choose a truly independent Macbook Repairs Service in Edinburgh.  Save time and money.

City PC Repairs can provide a free quote for any Apple Macbook Air Repairs in Edinburgh.  Fixed price means fixed price.  In the end if we cant fix your Apple Macbook then we wont charge you a penny.

Our Repairs Service For Macs.

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Tablet Repairs Edinburgh

Hudl Tablet Battery Replacement

Tablet Repairs Edinburgh

Hudl Tablet Battery Replacement.

This customer thought the charging problem was with the charging socket.  After further investigation we found the battery has simply given up.

Tablet Repairs Edinburgh – Nexus 7 2nd Gen Micro USB Repair

Tablet Repairs Edinburgh – Samsung Tablet Repairs Edinburgh – Sony Tablet Repairs Edinburgh – Android Tablet Repairs – Ipad Repairs Edinburgh

This customer thought that after 4 years use the battery needed replaced. It needed just the charging socket that needed replaced which we had in stock.  This was a same day repair.  We took the tablet apart and un-soldered the old charging socket and replaced it for a new one.  Ths micro USb charging sockets used on these tablets are very easy to break.  Especially if being use by younger children.

Tablet Repairs Edinburgh

At City PC Repairs we offer a fully equipped Tablet Repair Service for any make and model of tablet on the market to date.  We can repair broken charging sockets, smashed displays and take care of the weird and wonderful problems that can happen after a schedule software update.

Our specialist tablet repairs service covers most models of tablets, Samsung Galaxy, Sony Xperia, Ipad, Ipad Air, Lenovo and Microsoft Surface but to name a few.

Smashed Screen Replacement.

Micro USB or USB C charging socket repairs and replacement.

Android Software issues fixed fast.

Tablet powering on or booting correctly.

Faulty touch displays repaired or replaced.

Cracked touchscreen / digitizer replacement.

Locked or blocked user accounts.

Battery replacement.

Apple Ipad Tablet Repairs – I tunes and syncing issues.

Tablet data recovery from most makes and models

Whatever the problem please give us a call, we can usually help.



C all us 0131 661 9591.  Or visit our contact page and let us know the problem along with the make and model of tablet.

Edinburgh Laptop Repairs

Edinburgh Laptop Repairs – HP, Lenovo, Acer, Dell, Asus

Laptop Repairs - HP, Dell, Lenovo, Samsung, Acer

Edinburgh Laptop Repairs – HP, Lenovo, Acer, Dell, Asus.  This is an Hp laptop handed in because it started to run slow and the base would get very hot.  The system fan would always be running and the customer was getting fed up listening to it whirring away.  In the picture above you can see we have take the HP Laptop apart and have started to clean the thermal paste off the top of the CPU.  After this we then cleaned the fan and heat sink grill of a small but thick carpet of dusk that was blocking the hot air getting out and the colder air getting in at the bottom of the laptop.

Laptop Repairs - HP, Dell, Lenovo, Samsung, Acer

Laptop Repairs Edinburgh

This is the various parts taken apart during the laptop repair.  Once the laptop is assembled we will run the tests and measure the heat from the laptop to make sure its within tolerance.  Hopefully the laptop will run a little faster now that the CPU isn’t baking itself to death.  After assembly the laptop was much faster and didn’t switch itself off randomly.  Good result.

At City PC repairs our Edinburgh laptop repairs cover any make and model of laptop.  From an Acer or Lenovo office laptop to a Dell Alienware XPS or an Asus Rog (Republic of Gamer’s) laptop.  Our most common laptop repairs are:

Replacement of broken laptop displays.

Touch screen glass replacement.

DC socket repairs, broken charging socket repairs or replacement.

Virus and malware removal.

Hard drive to SSD drive upgrades.

Software problems, email account problems.

Windows Re-installs.

Broken USB and HDMI socket replacements.

Hard Drive Data Recovery.

New laptop setup and data transfer.

Data backup services.

Liquid spills or laptops which have no power.

If your laptop repair inst listed then please give us a call.

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Macbook Repairs and Upgrades Edinburgh

Macbook Repairs and Upgrades Edinburgh

Macbook Repairs and Upgrades Edinburgh

Macbook Repairs and upgrades Edinburgh.  This is an old and very slow Apple Macbook Pro.  Handed in by a student who didn’t have much money to replace it.  He wanted our suggestions on how we could prolong the life of The Apple Macbook.  After much testing we found the Apple Mac Pro to be in good shape.  We solved the problem of the Mac running hot by replacing the thermal paste and CPU and cleaning the fan of years of dust.

Apple Mac Repairs in Edinburgh

One of the cheapest and best ways to improve the speed of an Apple Macbook is to replace the standard hard drive.  We replaced this one with a faster SSD drive.  The benefits of this are  the battery will last longer.  No moving parts in the SSD.  The speed of the laptop booting to the Mac OS will be around 20 seconds instead of 1 minute or so.  With the SSD drive replacement and the customers data transferred and the Macbook Pro running very cool now we should at least get another few years out of it.  The customer was delighted with the speed increase and saved a fortune on the cost of replacing his Mac.

At City PC Repairs we don’t just repair Laptops and Desktops.  We are fully equipped to repair any Apple IMac,  or variant of Macbook.  Our Apple Macbook Repairs Services cover the Edinburgh and Lothian’s.  We offer a free quote for any Apple Macintosh Repair.  When the customer receives the quote this is a fixed price.  At City PC Repairs in Edinburgh fixed price means fixed price.

As usual our standard no fix no fee policy applies.

Contact us 0131 661 9591 for Apple Macbook Repairs and upgrades in Edinburgh.

Our repairs services for Apple Mac’s.

Screen repairs services for IMac’s and Mac’s





Customer Built computers

The components have been delivered for a customers custom built gaming machine

Will update early in the week with spec etc once its been built.


All done and ready to go, I7 8700, 16GB Ram, 240GB SSD and 2 TB hard Drive, Nvida GTX 1060 GB complete with 3 years warranty.


Macbook Data Recovery – Apple Mac Data Recovery

Macbook Data Recovery

Macbook Data Recovery Edinburgh

Our Macbook Data Recovery and Apple Mac Data Recovery services offer industry leading recovery rates.  Based in Edinburgh City PC Repairs have invested heavily over the last two years to be able to offer a professional data recovery service unlike any other computer repairs shop in Edinburgh. Our data recovery services can recover your data from any Apple Mac hard drive or Apple SSD using industry leading hardware, software and training.

The Macbook hard drive in the picture above was handed into two specialist data recovery companies for evaluation.  The quotes for Apple Data Recovery were very expensive.  After we received the drive we ran the evaluation on the drive and came back to the customer with a fixed cost for the Macbook Data Recovery.  He was shocked as our price was lot cheaper than the quotes he had received.


Apple Mac Data Recovery

Apple Data Recovery

Apple Data Recovery

I explained to the customer that his hard drive was showing signs of old age.  Unreadable sectors usually down to weak heads.  For any data recovery specialist this is about as bread and butter job as it gets.  If you have the correct tools and training then this drive can be recovered within about 5 hours.  As you can see in the above picture the Apple data recovery only has around 3 minutes to go.  After this completed we checked the user data.  Rather than replace the the hard drive we decided to upgrade and install an SSD drive.  This makes the Apple Mac run much faster.

In the end the data recovery was as success and the customer got his data back.  As well as this he also got an SSD upgrade and a faster Mac.  This was all completed over two days and much cheaper than the data recovery quotes he had previously received.

At City PC Repairs for data recovery.  We will quote a fixed cost for any data recovery.  Fixed cost mean fixed cost.  We have a strict no data no fee policy with a free evaluation.


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