E Machines Laptop wont connect to the Internet no matter what

No matter what this customer tried she could not get an internet connection at home, we had the same problem in the shop as you can see. It took  just under an hour to go through all the network settings, firewall and security setting before we found the driver data base had been corrupted, we restored this from a back up and all is now well.

Toshiba laptop repairs

Virus and Malware Infected Toshiba Laptop

Customer presented with a hacked Facebook account and on investigation we found this had compromised the security of the Laptop, in a situation like this we need to be able to assure the customer that when they get the laptop back its safe and secure for things like internet banking.
To that end we deleted the install of Windows 7 and reinstalled it along with Bull guard Internet Security and Malware Bytes as an added safe Guard.