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The Desktop PC market in Edinburgh is shrinking with the advent of Tablets, most customers either have a desktop PC, a laptop, Mac or and a tablet computer.  There’s still is a place for a desktop, whether its for an office, a home business, or you have a special field of interest like music or publishing or even an avid gamer.  We can take care of all your repairs.  Should you be thinking of upgrading your desktop or possibly specifying a new system we can custom built one for your exact needs.

Our Desktop Repair service covers the following.

  • The Blue Screen of Death Crash, usually cause by device drivers, bad memory but on the whole can be solved.
  • Power issues, no power, start up problems, memory problems let us diagnose and fix your desktop.
  • Virus and mal-ware removal, also included are recommendations for future avoidance of Internet threats and general Internet security of your Desktop.
  • Has your Windows operating system started to misbehave, City PC Repairs solve hardware and software problems.
  • Lost Data, recovered from Hard Drives, USB Pen Stick and Memory Cards.
  • Desktop Health Checks, a systematic MOT for your Desktop.
  • Overheating , sometimes a little TLC, cleaning of the laptop fan can cure this, alternatively the fan may need to be replaced.
  • Motherboard faults, sometimes these can be fixed but may have to be replaced.
  • Faulty memory, memory upgrades.
  • Bought a new Desktop and need it setup, including all your data transferred we can help.
  • Hard drive replacements, hard drive upgrades and data transfer
  • Internet connection problems cured, wireless, by cable including email problems

Our Desktop Upgrade Service includes free advice, need a faster PC to play the latest games or for music production we can help recommending the best components for the best improvement in performance.  The advantage of the Desktop PC is that almost every component can be upgraded, not all at the same time, so if your on a budget we can arrange an upgrade plan that can be staged over a period of time thus increasing performance gradually yet not breaking the bank.

For an initial quote for your Desktop Repair or Upgrade, please call us 0131 661 9591 or contact us using the form opposite or pop into the shop for your free no obligation quote.

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