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Custom Built Computers Edinburgh

At City PC Repairs, we keep up to date with the latest technology, what ever your requirements for a Desktop PC, we can custom build it for you and fully guarantee the machine as well as deal with the installation at  your home or business in the Edinburgh area.   We can even extend our 1 year warranty to 3 years for a small addition fee.  Our Custom PC’s are built to your specification and designed to perform the tasks needed by you the customer.  If unsure about specification then please contact us to discuss your requirements, we are here to help.
Our Custom Built Computers are assembled in house, vigorously tested, come as standard with a 1 year on site warranty which can be upgraded to 3 years for a small additional cost.

Custom Built to your specification, if  unsure then we can help specify the finer details.

  • All parts are new with 12 months on site warranty as standard.
  • Upgradable warranty to 3 years for additional cost.
  • Pre configured with the software you will use and no junk-ware installed.
  • Setup and installed at your home or business.

Should it be a replacement tower, a full system, an audio, or video PC editing system you would like then we can help.  If your a gaming fan then we specialise in gaming rigs, top quality components form the likes of Seasonic, Asus, MSI and Cool Master.  High quality, water cooled, overclocked system’s are our speciality.

Our custom build service is just that, custom to you the customer, call us 0131 661 9591, to discuss your exact requirements.

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