Data Recovery

Data Recovery Service Edinburgh

Based in Central Edinburgh, City PC Repairs offer a full range of professional data recovery services for the following devices.

  • Hard Drive data recovery from the likes of Western Digital, Seagate, Maxtor, Toshiba, HGST.
  • Solid State Drive data recovery from the likes of Samsung, Intel, Western Digital and Seagate. M2. SSD’s, NVMe SSD’s, Sata SSD’s.
  • External portable hard drive data recovery such as My Passbook, My Passport, My Passport for Mac, Seagate Expansion and Lacie.
  • Nas(Network Attached Storage Drive) data recovery from the likes of Western Digital My Cloud, Buffalo Link Station.
  • Apple Mac hard drive and ssd data recovery from the Macbook, Macbook Pro, Macbook Air, Retina and Imac.
  • Iphone data recovery, recovery of data from a damaged or liquid damaged Iphone.
  • Ipad data recovery, recovery of user data from a badly damaged Ipad, Ipad Air, or Ipad mini.
  • USB Stick/pen data recovery, from the like of Sandisk, Toshiba, Intenso, Simmax, Kingston.
  • SD Card data recovery, Lxsino, Sandisk, Samsung, Takuna, Integral., Kingston.
  • Micro SD Cards, SDHC Cards, XQD Cards, SDXC, Cards made by Sony.
  • Individual file recovery from USB sticks and pens.
  • Formatted hard drives, external portable drives and USB stick data recovery.
  • Deleted hard drives, portable hard drives and USB stick data recovery.

Data Recovery Service Edinburgh

Edinburgh Data Recovery – Critical Data Recovery Services in Leith

We are one of the few truly independent data recovery companies in Leith, Edinburgh, we accept data recovery cases from all over Scotland, on a no data no fee basis. Free assessment and no upfront fees.

Mac Data Recovery Service Edinburgh

The City PC Repairs Promise – Data Recovery Edinburgh – Hard Drive Recovery Edinburgh

At City PC Repairs we offer the City PC Repairs promise:

  • All media for data recovery will be assessed free of charge.
  • The customer will be quoted a fixed cost for their data recovery case.
  • Should the customer go ahead with the quoted fixed price this is what the customer will pay.
  • If the customer declines data recovery then the media will be made available for collection, no charge.
  • No data no fee, means no data no fee, no catches, no gimmicks and no small print.

Data Recovery Service Edinburgh

Common Symptoms Of Needing An Expert Data Recovery Service

Hard Drives, Portable External Drives, Solid State Drives

  • Dropped or liquid damaged hard drives that make a clicking or beeping noise.
  • Drives that are not detected by the computer when connected, or appear in file explorer and disk manager and then disappear.
  • Broken USB 3 or USB C connector on the drive.
  • No power to the hard drive, totally dead.
  • The drive is asking to be formatted, has been formatted or deleted by the user.
  • The hard drive is running very slow and is crashing the computer its connected to.
  • Your laptop wont boot correctly.
  • Your Mac wont boot and displays a flashing file folder.

Iphone Data Recovery Service Edinburgh

Iphone and Ipad Data Recovery

  • Liquid damage to your Iphone or Ipad, been run over, dropped, or deliberately damaged.
  • Iphone or Ipad, totally dead, no power, no charge and will not boot correctly.

USB Sticks, SD Cards, Micro SD cards, SDHC Cards, XQD Cards, SDXC

  • The USB stick, pen or card is not not detected when inserted into a computer or other device.
  • The stick or card looks blank.
  • Has been deleted or formatted.
  • When inserted the device prompts you to format the card or USB stick.

SD Card Data Recovery Edinburgh

Edinburgh Data Recovery – Hard Drive & External Hard Drive Data Recovery Service – Data Recovery Costs

Typically, the cost of hard drive and external hard drive data recovery will be:

  • No addition parts required.
  • Drive under 2tb in size.
  • £200 fixed price.
  • Unreadable weak or bad sectors.
  • Dead drives, power or PCB issues.
  • Drives above 2tb.
  • £360 fixed price.
  • Dropped, liquid spill, clicking.
  • Dead drive, no spin up or spins and stops
  • Requires donor parts, heads and pcb and bios work.
  • £480

Typically, the cost of SSD recovery will be:

Level 1 recovery fixed cost £200

Level 2 recovery fixed cost £300

Apple SSD recovery fixed cost of £350

SD Card, Micro SD Card recovery will be:

Level 1 fixed cost £69

Level 2 fixed cost £250

USB Pen data data recovery will be:

Level 1 fixed cost £69

Level 2 fixed cost £250

Ipad data recovery and Iphone data recovery will be:

Level 1 fixed cost £100 – £150

Level 2 fixed cost £299

Data Recovery FAQ’s

Q. How much will my recovery cost?

A. A rough guide on prices are on the page, cover the most popular devices. Our free evaluation once completed will give you a fixed cost, so you know exactly how much this will cost.

Q. How long will the recovery process take?

A. Most cases are usually completed in 2 to 3 days, sometime quicker.

Q. Is my user data recoverable?

A. This is hard to say, we can never be 100% sure, this is why we offer the free evaluation, sometime we have to go through the recovery process to be 100 % certain recovery is possible.

Q. Will I be charged if you cant get my data back?

A. No data no fee, if we cant get your data back then no charge.

Q. Are there any upfront charges?

A. No, all we ask is that if your data is recoverable that you pay the fixed price on a successful case.

If you are having problems accessing data on, a hard drive, external hard drive, solid state drive, laptop, Apple Mac, USB stick or SD storage then call us today 0131 661 9591. Recover data Now. Better still pop in and see us or post your device to us for a free evaluation and fixed priced data recovery in Edinburgh.

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Please include a full description of the fault, along with your full contact information. We accept media from all over Scotland.

Contact City PC Repairs 0131 661 9591, or chat with us live on our website using our Live Chat app. Customers can also leave us a message should we be unavailable.