Mac Logic board Repairs Edinburgh

At City PC Repairs we have invested heavily to be able to offer one of the few Apple Mac Logic Board Repair Services in the Edinburgh area.  Instead of replacing your Apple Macbook Logic Board there is a high chance we can repair it, our repair services cover every make and model of Apple Macbook or Apple Macbook Air, even the new M1, M2 Apple Macbook Pro and M1, M2 Macbook Air.  Call us 0131 661 9591 and ask to speak to John about your Apple Mac Logic Board Repair, or click the live chat, leave a message button at the bottom right hand corner of your screen.

Apple Mac Logic Board Component Repairs Edinburgh

Apple Mac Logic Board Repair Services based in Edinburgh. Repairs in person or by post.

Recently we have had numerous customers coming to see us after being quoted large amounts of money to get their Apple Macbook repaired by Apple, some of these are still in warranty but the customer would lose their data should they proceed with a warranty repair with Apple.  This is especially the case for the M1 and M2 variant of the Mac with its onboard SSD soldered to the logic board.  In this situation Apple would replace the logic board losing the customers data,  we can usually repair the logic board retaining the data and fixing the Apple Mac at the same time.

At City PC Repairs we can usually help with the following situations.  If you have an Apple Mac problem not listed here then please feel free to contact us using our chat system, leave us a message or call 0131 661 9591 and ask for John.

Apple Mac Flexgate Screen Cable Repairs Edinburgh

This is when the display of your Mac may show various on screen defects like vertical or horizontal lines or strange colour variations.  We can usually fix this instead of replacing the entire display of your Mac at a much cheaper cost.  This is a common problem with the newer Apple Macbooks, some models are covered under warranty with Apple others are not but they all have this problem.

Mac flexgate video cable repair

A crack in the LCD video cable, otherwise known as Apple flexgate.

Dead Apple Mac Logic Board Component Repairs Edinburgh

Your Mac was working yesterday so why is it not powering on today.  A common problem.

Various causes could be:

  • Corroded USB C charging Socket.
  • Damaged caused by using a faulty or incorrect charger.
  • Blown caps on the logic board.
  • A faulty USB C charging chip on the logic board.
  • User damage.
  • The Mac may have been dropped.

Can we fix it?  Most likley the answer is yes.

Mac USB C Charging Port Repairs

Corroded burnt usb-c connector

Apple Mac Liquid Spill Repairs Edinburgh

  • Liquid Spills – Tea, coffee, wine and beer.  Any liquid can spill on to your Apple Mac at the most inconvient time, with City PC Repairs you have a good chance of repairing the Mac logic board rather than replacing
Apple Mac Liquid Spill Repairs Edinburgh

Corrosion caused by liquid

M1 M2 Mac Data Recovery Edinburgh

  • M1 and M2 Mac Data Recovery in Edinburgh – If you have an M1 or M2 Mac, then the Solid State Drive is soldered to the Mac Logic Board.  If your M1 or M2 Mac wont switch on and you dont have a backup then you can say goodbye to your data.  Luckily we can normally fix the Mac logic board and run a time machine backup on the Mac to get your data back.  Although we have seen a number of M1 and M2 Macs where the SSD data chips have been blown.  Even if your M1 or M2 Mac is under warranty, Apple may replace your logic board hence loosing all your data.  be warned!!!  Apple are not interested in your data or recovering it for you.
Mac Logic Board Repairs Edinburgh

A USB short being repaired to allow the Macbook to power on and allow recovery of the user data

M1 Mac Repairs Leith – Frequently Asked Questions

Q.  How much will the repair of my Mac be?

A.  This is difficult to say, our average prices range from £200 to £400.

Q.  Will it cost me anything to get a quote to repair my Apple Macbook?

A.  Yes it will.  We will check out and report back a cost for repair, should the customer decline to go ahead with the work then we would charge a fixed inspection cost of £75 to go towards covering our time.

Q.  Do Mac repairs come with a warranty?

A.  Yes they do, we offer a 6 month warranty on all our Apple Mac Logic Board Repairs.  We only warrant the original repair and the parts that have been fixed or repaired.

Q.  How long will my Mac Logic Board Repairs take?

A.  This depends on how busy we are at the time, usually  7 – 10 days depending on part availability etc.  Rather than stressing about time we suggest trying to borrow a replacement Mac in the mean time.

Q.  Do I have to pay if my Mac cant be fixed?

A.  No, no charges if your Apple Mac cant be fixed.

Q.  Will I lose any data when my Mac is in for repair?

A.  No, but if a risk of data loss is possible then we will let you know and explain the risks.

For more info or any question please use our chat system, leave us a message or give us a call 0131 661 9591 and ask for John.

Apple Mac Logic Board Repairs by Post

City PC Repairs can repair any model of Apple Mac, due to demand we are also accepting Apple Mac Logic Board repairs by post from all over Scotland.

Call us first for a chat to see if we can help then send your Apple Mac to:

Fao John

City PC Repairs

14 Elgin Terrace


Eh7 5NW

0131 661 9591

Please use a decent courier such as UPS etc.  Also include your full contact details so we can let you know when your Mac as arrived with us.  You will then be kept up to date on your quote progress.