Mac Repair Service Edinburgh

Mac Repair Service Edinburgh. At City PC Repairs we are Apple Mac Specialists without the Apple price tag.  We have been repairing and servicing Apple Mac’s since 2004. Whatever the issue with you Macbook, Macbook Pro, Macbook Air or Apple Imac we can usually help.

Mac Repair Service Edinburgh


The City PC Repairs Promise – Fixed Cost Mac Repairs Leith, Edinburgh – No Fix No Fee

At City PC repairs we promise the following:

  • All Apple devices for repair will be assessed free of charge.
  • The customer will be provided with a fixed cost for repair.
  • Proceed with repair and the fixed cost is what the customer will pay.
  • Decline the fixed cost quote and you can collect your device at no cost.
  • No fix no fee, no catches, no small print and no gimmicks.

Mac Repair Service Edinburgh

We can help with repair or servicing for any model year and variant of Apple Macbook or Imac. From a broken display on you Macbook Pro to a dropped or liquid damaged Macbook needing cleaned and component level repairs to get it back up and running. At City PC Repairs we stand behind our workmanship and believe in being honest and transparent with customers. We never promise something we cant deliver.

Apple Mac Motherboard Repairs Edinburgh

At City PC Repairs we are specialists when it comes to fixing dead Apple Mac’s. If your Mac has been dropped, had a liquid spill and the Apple Store have quoted for repair then let us have a look at your Mac. It wont cost you anything to get a fixed cost for repair. We have a good track record in repairing Mac logic boards to repair the Mac or at least get the customers data back for them.

Apple Mac Data Recovery In Leith

We have an in-house data recovery lab, if you’ve been told your data on your Apple Mac is unrecoverable then maybe we can help. We have specialist data recovery hardware for retrieving your data from a formatted, deleted, damaged or faulty hard drive or solid state drive in your Apple Macintosh. This includes data recovery from the solid state drives which are part of the Macbook logic board. (soldered on.)

Macbook Repair Services Edinburgh

What kind of Apple Repairs can City PC Repairs help you with:

  • Your Macbook not booting correctly.
  • Do you have a flashing file folder on your display after switching on your Mac?
  • Mac battery replacement.
  • Keyboard or track pad replacement after a drop or a liquid spill.
  • Hard drive and solid state drive upgrades and replacements.
  • Ram upgrades.
  • Virus and malware removal.
  • Charging port repairs or replacements including USB C ports.
  • Macbook not charging or the battery is discharging very quickly.
  • The beach ball effect, is your Mac getting slower by the day, let us sort it out for you.
  • Wi-Fi and Bluetooth problems diagnosed and fixed.
  • Your Mac wont start up or shut down.
  • Sound and speaker problems.
  • Locking up and freezing of your Mac.
  • Smashed screen displays replaced.
  • Deleted files, formatted drive data recovery.
  • Hard drive and solid state Apple Mac Hard Drive and SSD Data Recovery.
  • Dropped or liquid damaged Mac’s brought back to life or the data recovered without breaking the bank.
  • Software Mac OS troubleshooting and fixes.

Drop In And See Us or Post Your Mac To Us For Repair

At City PC Repairs, what others replace we try to fix first. Call 0131 661 9591 for your free Apple Mac fixed cost repair. Customers can drop in during office hours. Our opening hours are at the bottom of this page, no appointment needed. Apple Mac’s for repair can also be posted to us from outwith the Edinburgh area to:

City PC Repairs

14 Elgin Terrace



Please enclose as much detail as possible regarding the fault along with your contact details, we will call you once your Mac arrives with us. We accept Mac’s for repair from all over Scotland, Free assessment, fixed cost repairs with a no fix no fee promise.

Mac Repair Service Edinburgh

MacBook Pro Repairs Edinburgh

Our Edinburgh based Macbook Pro repair services can take care of day to day issues you may be having with your Macbook Pro. From a non Booting Macbook Pro, to a complete tear down to repair the logic board because of physical damage because of a drop or a liquid spill.

Whatever the issues we can usually fix it. At City PC Repairs we see a lots of older Macbook Pro’s with a failing hard drive, these would have originally been fitted with an HGST or Toshiba drive. Over the years the Macbook Pro starts to run hot and the hard drive takes the brunt of the heat causing eventual failure of the drive. If you suspect a Macbook Pro hard drive issue then stop using the Macbook Pro and drop in to see us.

Common Macbook Pro issues you may experience:

  • Macbook Pro keyboard failure.
  • SSD failure on newer Macbook Pro’s and hard drive failure on older Macbook Pro’s.
  • Delamination of Retina screen display coating.
  • The dreaded touch bar fault.

Mac Repair Service Edinburgh

Macbook Air Repair Services Edinburgh

Common problems that can affect your Macbook Air:

  • You cant turn your Macbook Air on.
  • The display isn’t working.
  • Your Macbook Air battery wont charge, or charges intermittently.
  • Overheating.
  • You cant use Air Print.
  • One or more of your USB ports has stopped working.
  • The Macbook Air cant shut down properly.
  • Slow user experience, lagging interface and the spinning beach ball effect.

Mac Repair Service Edinburgh

Imac Repair Services Edinburgh

Common issues with your Apple Imac:

  • Hard Drive or SSD failure.
  • Over heating.
  • Broken Display.
  • Power supply replacement.
  • Faulty Ram or Ram upgrades.

Not much of a list here, these a very very reliable. Unfortunately all the items listed require access inside the Imac to enable a repair to be completed. If the display is already damaged then that’s good. If not then the time taken to change a hard drive, ssd drive, power supply or even just to clean inside of the Imac can be overly complicated by its design. This also tend to make an easy cheap job turn into a more expensive one.

Mac Computer Repair Service – Apple Mac Repairs Edinburgh FAQ’s

Q. How much will my Mac repair cost?

A. Call us 0131 661 9591 and we should be able to give you a price over the phone. We can confirm this for sure when we see the Apple Mac.

Q. How long will my Mac repair take?

A. Most repairs are 24 to 48 hours, this depends on how busy the workshop is and the availability of parts.

Q. Do I need an appointment to come in and get my Mac checked out?

A. No, just pop in, our opening hours are at the bottom of this page.

Q. Can I courier my Mac to you for repair as I stay outside of Edinburgh?

A. Yes, no problem, customers post us items for repair all the time.

Q. Do you provide a warranty on my Mac repairs or upgrades?

A. We stand behind our work and to back this up we always provided a parts and labour warranty on all our Mac repairs.

Q. If you cant fix my Mac will I be charged?

A. No. Na. Nae.

Q. Does no fix no fee really mean no fix no fee?

A. Yes. Aye. Yip.

Contact City PC Repairs – Edinburgh’s Apple Mac Repairs Service

Call 0131 661 9591 or drop in and see us during office hours to get your Mac repair started. Customers can also chat with us live on Live Chat directly from our website or leave us a message if we are unavailable and we can get back to you ASAP.