PS4 Repairs in Leith, Edinburgh – Xbox One Repairs

PS4 Repairs in Leith, Edinburgh

PS4 Repair service based in Leith, Edinburgh.  At City PC Repairs we also have a fully equipped workshop offering a fast and affordable PS4 repairs service as well for Xbox One as well.  We can take care of most PS4 Repairs from our workshop based in Leith, Edinburgh.  We can repair most consoles, Ps4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch etc.  If you need a console repair call us or use our contact form to get in touch.

PS4 Repairs in Leith

Our PS4 Repair Service is fast and affordable with a fixed price for any PS4 Repair we undertake.

What can we repair with your PS4 console.

  • Failed hard drive recovery and replacement
  • PS4 HDMI socket repairs.
  • USB power socket repairs and replacement
  • Get your overheating PS4 repaired before it fails permanently
  • PS4 Blue-ray drives repaired or replaced
  • Wi-fi problems fixed
  • Is your PS4 console switching off or freezing
  • Audio and Video problems
  • Problem not listed then give us a call 0131 661 9591

XBox One Repairs in Leith, Edinburgh



XBox One Repairs in Leith, Edinburgh

If you have a faulty XBox One the get in touch.  At City PC Repairs we can repair any Xbox one problem including the following.


  • Failed hard drive, recovery and replacement
  • HDMI socket repairs.
  • USB power socket repairs and replacement
  • Get your overheating PS4 repaired before it fails permanently
  • Blue-ray drives repaired or replaced
  • XBox One update problems
  • Xbox One wont turn on
  • Display is blank
  • Xbox One dosen’t recognize the hard drive or external hard drive
  • problem not listed the give us a call 0131 661 9591

If your problem isn’t listed then get in touch.  PS4 and Xbox Repairs in Leith, Edinburgh.  City PC Repairs, fixed prices for any console repair, no fix no fee policy. You have nothing to lose.  At City PC Repairs fixed price means fixed price and no fix no fee means no fix no fee.



Laptop Screen Repairs Service Edinburgh

HP Laptop Screen Repair Service Edinburgh

HP laptop Screen Repairs service in Edinburgh by City PC Repairs.  Needing our laptop screen replacement service.  This one had been dropped by the customers daughter.  Its only the third time this year its been in to us for for our laptop screen repairs service.  As you can see from the picture, its in a bad way.  Before changing the laptop screen we ran a full hardware test on the laptop.  This just makes sure no other faults have occurred when the laptop was dropped.

HP Laptop Screen Repair Service Edinburgh

HP Screen Repair Service in Edinburgh

As this was for a student, this laptop screen repair was completed in the same day.  This replacement display is usually held in stock by us so for time critical repairs, its ideal for the customer.

Here is the laptop after, what a difference.  At City PC Repairs we will run a full diagnostic on any laptop requiring a screen replacement or repair.  This free service gives the customer piece of mind that the laptop will continue to work for now and into the future.

Laptop Screen Repair Service Edinburgh

At City PC Repairs, its not just HP laptop screens we can repair or replace.  We are fully equipped to repair or replace any make and model of laptop screen or touch screen.  Most new laptop are touch screen versions.  This mean the top glass(the touch panel) is glued to the display beneath it.  These can be significantly more expensive and requires more time to fit.  Most of these are glued into the laptop rather than being screwed in or clipped in the the laptop frame.

Our screen repair service for Macs.

Our affordable screen repair services for laptops.

About City PC Repairs.

For your free fixed price for any laptop repair, where fixed price means fixed price.  Call o131 661 9591, or contact us today. Remember we offer a no fix no fee guarantee on most repairs, ask for details.

Lenovo Laptop Screen repairs Edinburgh

Lenovo Laptop Screen Replacement

Lenovo Idea pad Screen Replacement

A Customer handed in his girlfriends Lenovo Idea Pad laptop for a screen replacement.  He thinks she managed to smashed the display whilst the laptop was in a ruck sack.  This is actually quite common.  Students tend to have a laptop in their ruck sack along with heavy text books.  The weight of the books is sometimes enough to apply enough pressure on the laptop lid to crack the display.  Anyway we assume that’s what had happened, we gave the laptop the full works.  Testing everything before fitting a replacement display.

Its good for the customer that this Lenovo laptop is just a display and not a touch screen version.  The touch screen version would have been a lot more expensive.  In the end it’s a fairly bog standard laptop screen replacement.

As Lenovo is the biggest laptop manufacturer at the moment, we do see a lot of these laptops in for  Laptop Screen Replacements.  They say the biggest doesn’t necessarily mean the best.

As you can see from the picture below.  The laptop is partially stripped and read for the screen to be replaced.

Lenovo Laptop Screen Replacement

After the screen arrived, it was checked to make sure all was in good order.  Before fitting a replacement laptop screen we disconnected the battery.  Always good practice to do this.  And from the picture below can see we have a Lenovo Laptop back action.

Lenovo Idea pad Screen Replacement

Contact us.

Our Lenovo Laptop Screen Repair Service.

At City PC Repairs you can pop into our Edinburgh based office at any time for a chat about any laptop problem or  call us on 0131 661 9591.

We offer fixed prices for any make and model of laptop repair in Edinburgh.  Fixed price, means fixed price.  You will never pay more, along with our no fix no fee assurance.

Laptop Keyboard Repairs Edinburgh

Laptop Keyboard Repairs Edinburgh

Laptop Keyboard Repairs Edinburgh.  This is a strange one.  The customer reported that various keys had stopped working on this Acer Aspire v13 laptop.  The customer assured me that no liquid had been over the laptop and that it was well looked after.  On taking the laptop apart we confirmed no signs of any liquid or anything that would cause the keyboard to stop working.   We checked the ribbon cable that connects the keyboard to the laptop.  We checked the keyboard socket with a microscope and found no damage.

Laptop Keyboard Repairs Edinburgh

This Acer Aspire laptop keyboard is inserted from the bottom of the laptop into the palm rest.  With Laptop Keyboard Repairs we have 2 options.  Replace the full palm rest including the keyboard.  Or we could take the keyboard out of the palm rest and repair the keyboard that way.

We choose to replace the palm rest with the keyboard already fitted.  We just needed to connect the touch pad.  Fortunately the customer was correct.  No liquid had been spilled inside the laptop and we could find no defect inside the laptop.  Changing the palm rest along with the keyboard got the laptop working correctly again.

Laptop Keyboard Repairs

Laptop Keyboard Repairs

City PC Repairs in Edinburgh

Laptop Keyboard Repairs Edinburgh, give City PC Repairs a call.  We can repair any make and model of Laptop or Apple Mac.  From faulty keyboards or display to component level motherboard repairs and charging sockets.  Our Laptop Repairs in Edinburgh cover Acer, Asus, Dell, HP, Dell XPS and all Apple Mac’s.

At City PC Repairs we are truly independent and offer a free quote for any Laptop Repairs in Edinburgh.  We operate on a fixed price repair service for any Apple Mac or Laptop Repair Required.  Fixed cost means fixed cost.  The customer is always in controls of the cost.

Our Services

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SD Card Data Recovery Services

SD Card Data Recovery Services

Specialist SD Card Data Recovery Services.  At City PC Repairs we are specialists in data recovery.  We are one of the few truly independent data recovery specialists in Edinburgh.  We can recover user data from most media types.  Hard drive, SSD, SD card, Compact Flash, Smartphones and Tablets.

We can help with hard drive data recovery.  Is your hard drive clicking – not powering on, been accidentally formatted or just cant access your files.  We can evaluate the chances of recovering your data and provided a fixed cost for hard drive data recovery.  This service covers internal/external hard drives for PC, Laptop, Mac, Linux, Nas and Raid.

SD Card Data Recovery Edinburgh

Flash Data Recovery Edinburgh – SSD Data Recovery

Flash Data Recovery Edinburgh

Our Flash Data recovery services covers 2.5″ SSD drives, M2 SSD’s and Apple Mac SSD drives.  We also have a fully equipped lab specializing in Smartphones and Tablet Data Recovery.  All our services are backed by a free evaluation with a fixed price for data recovery.  We work on a no data no fee basis.  Ask for details. 

If your SSD is no longer detected, cant be accessed or your compact flash card is asking to be formatted then please get in touch.

Smartphone and Tablet Data Recovery

Our Lab at is equipped to either repair you smartphone or tablet to be to access your data.  If this cannot be achieved then we can remove data chips from your device and read them independently to recover your user data.   Our Nand-Off data recovery service also comes with a free evaluation and backed with a no data no few policy.  Ask for details.  In some cases donor parts may need to be purchased.  You will be advised of this on the initial evaluation of the data recovery case.


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Call us 0131 661 9591 or contact us on live chat on our website.

Xbox One Repairs Edinburgh – Console Repairs

Xbox One Repairs Edinburgh

Xbox One Repairs Edinburgh, Console Repairs Edinburgh.  At City PC Repairs we don’t just repair Laptops, Macs, Phones and Tablets.  We also have a full repair service for Xbox and Play Station.  In this particular case below this was a broken HDMI socket.  We stripped the Xbox One and cleaned the inside of any dust.  We then un-soldered the faulty broken HDMI socket and replaced it with a new one.  This is a common repair.  Always make sure the TV and Xbox One are switched off when connecting and disconnecting the HDMI cable just to be safe.  Also always have the Xbox on a level surface so it cant be knocked over as in the case.

Xbox One Repairs Edinburgh

Console Repairs Edinburgh

Console Repairs Edinburgh

Our Console Repairs Service in Edinburgh covers any make and model.  Nintendo, Xbox One and Play Station to name a few.  We can repair broken HDMI sockets as in the case as well as:

Broken power and charging sockets.

HDMI and USB Sockets repaired.

Hard drive and storage upgrades.

A good old fashion strip and clean.  Rid the gaming console of the dust that’s built up over the years.

DVD or Blue Ray drive not working or not reading discs.

Random crashing or the console not booting up properly.

Overheating, we can strip and clean the console to reduce the temperature whilst in use.

What ever the problem give us a call, we can usually help.  As always we will evaluate the problem free of charge and offer a fixed cost for repair.  As always we offer a no fix no fee policy for most repairs.  Ask for details.

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Call us or leave us a message on the call back form.  Live Chat with us on our website.  0131 661 9591, ask for John.


Microsoft Surface Repairs Edinburgh

Microsoft Surface Repairs Edinburgh

Recently we received this Microsoft Surface Tablet through the post for repairs.  On looking at the tablet the back of the case looked to be slightly deformed.  We initially thought that this would be a waste of time.  Still we tried our best to repair it to our usual high standards.  As you can see from the picture the screen had broken into bits and shards.  On this Microsoft Tablet I think the screen had been replaced before.  This is because the glue holding the display in was very strong.  Usually the display comes off in about 10 minutes after preheating the display.  Not in this case, it too over an hour.

Microsoft Surafce Repairs Edinburgh

Tablet Screen Replacement Services Edinburgh

As you can see from the picture it really is a mess, cracks and shards of glass everywhere.  You can imagine how long it too us to get the display off and clean the remaining glue from the body of the Microsoft Surface Tablet.  After what seemed like an eternity we finally have a chassis of the tablet to glue the new screen and digitizer into the body of the tablet.  Eventually below we have the finished article, as good as new.

Tablet Screen Replacement Services Edinburgh – Microsoft Surface Pro Repairs Edinburgh

Microsoft Surface Pro Tablet Repairs Edinburgh

The finished article, looks a little rough but that’s the screen protector film its yet to be removed.  The customer can have the joy of a nice fresh and clean tablet display.


At City PC Repairs we offer a full Microsoft Surface Repair Service in the Edinburgh and Lothian’s, If you have similar issue then please get in contact with us.   We are also fully equipped to repair any other make and model of tablet:

Samsung Galaxy

Lenovo Yoga Tabs

Sony Xperia’s

Ipad, Ipad Air, Ipad mini’s.

Contact US with a description of the fault and the tablet make and model number for further assistance.



MacBook Repairs Edinburgh – liquid spill, no power no nothing

Macbook Repairs Edinburgh – Trusted Apple Repairs Edinburgh – Specialist Mac Repairs Edinburgh

macbook repairs edinburgh

Mac Repairs Edinburgh


This Macbook Air was handed in for repairs.  A1466 Was the model number.  The chap was local and stays across the road from our shop.  It was working fine until he spilled some coffee on it.  He thought he had got away without causing any damage until the next time he tried to switch the Apple Macbook Air on again.  We see a lot of these liquid Damaged Macbooks and Macbook Air’s needing repairs.

Yes thats right it was totally dead.   Seeing as he had already purchased a new Macbook we set to work on repairing the motherboard.  We found liquid damage on and around the motherboard, we had parts in stock that would fix this.  We thought the keyboard would need to be changed but after stripping a cleaning it came back to life.

This was a good result and a great little job to keep us occupied.  The customer already purchased a replacement so I think this one will be sold on after the repairs are completed.

If you have a similar problem, an Apple Mac or  any model of laptop then please help yourself by switching the Mac or Laptop off straight away.   By doing this you have increased the chances of fixing the problem and saving you money at the same time. Our Macbook Repairs Services and Laptop Repair Services in Edinburgh are both fast and affordable.

At City PC Repairs we offer a full range of Macbook, Macbook Air Repairs and Service covering the Edinburgh and Lothian’s area.  Offering a free quote for and Macbook Repair or Laptop Repair with a fixed cost before the customer goes ahead with any work.

Lenovo Laptop Repairs Edinburgh – Slow Running Lenovo Laptop Fixed

Lenovo Laptop Repairs Edinburgh- HP Laptop Repairs Edinburgh  Asus Laptop Repairs Edinburgh Dell Laptop Repairs Edinburgh

A customers very slow running Lenovo Laptop in for repairs.  After Checking it out we suggested changing the Hard Drive to an SSD Drive.  In every other way this laptop was working fine but was just very slow.  After bench testing using our own and Lenovo software we decided it to go ahead with the change.  The hard drive inside was a few years old.  Our Lenovo Software detected the earlier than normal failure of the internal hard drive.  The drive was still running but access was getting slower by the day.

Lenovo Laptop Being Repaired

The old hard slow hard drive on the left and the faster SSD drive on the right.  The one on the left is slow by todays standards.

Installing Windows 10 on a Lenovo Laptop

Installing Windows 10 on the Lenovo Laptop.  The customer has some photo’s on the old hard drive which we will transfer onto the SSD drive for him after we have completed the repair and upgrade.


installing windows 10 updates lenovo laptop

After The Lenovo laptop was repaired – Installing Windows 10 updates before copying photo’s over and running final bench test before calling the customer.  Laptop now boots to the desktop in 20 seconds.  After a final speed test the results made a massive change to the end user experience.

At City PC Repairs we are specialists in the repair of Lenovo laptops in the Edinburgh and Lothian’s Area.  We are also well equipped to deal with and brand of repair HP, Asus, Lenovo, Dell amongst others.  Our most common services are laptop screen repairs, charging socket repairs and data recovery.

At City PC Repairs we provide a fast and affordable repair service for any computer, fixed prices before the repair is started.  The customer is always in control of the costs.

Specialist Lenovo Laptop Repairs in Edinburgh.

Macbook Pro Repairs Edinburgh

Apple Macbook Pro Repairs Edinburgh

Macbook Pro Repairs Edinburgh

An Edinburgh based customer dropped this Apple Macbook Pro in for repairs after a liquid spill.  This was a nightmare job, the customer managed to spill liquid over this Apple Macbook  Pro.  I think it was a 2018 model.  Anyway after spilling the liquid the customer thought they had got away with it.  This was until she let the battery run out and then attached the charger to the USB-C charger socket.  From then the laptop was totally dead and would not charge or switch on at all.

The chance of repair with a job like this is very small.  We started by taking out the motherboard and cleaning all the liquid off.  We then identified parts on the motherboard that had been damaged by the liquid and repaired these.  After everything dried out we reassembled the Mac and checked it with a multi meter and everything seemed fine……but is wasn’t.

On further investigation we found a problem with the USB C charging socket, repair wasn’t possible but we did manage to find a replacement.  After further checks before switching on you can see the result.  One saved Apple Macbook Pro.

Edinburgh Macbook  Repairs

At City PC Repairs in Edinburgh we have a fully equipped workshop.  We are Apple Macbook Repairs Specialists.  Be it Apple Macbook, Macbook Pro or Macbook Air.

Some examples of the services we offer at City PC Repairs include:

Apple Mac battery replacement.

Charging issue’s with your Macbook.

Macbook Hard Drive problems and Data Recovery.

Macbook Screen Replacement Service.

Corrupt Mac OS,  data backup and reinstall.

Whatever the issue with you’re Apple Mac, at  City PC Repairs we can help you in the Edinburgh and Lothians area.

Give us a call with the problem and you model number and year of birth of you’re Mac for professional independent advice.

Contact us 0131 661 9591