PS 5 HDMI Repair Service Edinburgh

PS 5 HDMI Repair Service Edinburgh

PS 5 HDMI Repair Service Edinburgh, At City PC Repairs our most common repair with the Sony PS 5 Console is a PS 5 Console that will not show a display, the console switches on and sometimes audio can be heard but no signal is displayed on the monitor or the TV.  This can be caused by a number of things.

  • The console could have been dropped or fallen off a shelf whilst the PS 5 was still connected to the power and or the HDMI cable to the TV/Monitor.
  • The user has managed to damaged the PS 5 HDMI port when connecting or disconnecting the HDMI cable.
  • If the power is connected to the PS 5 and the HDMI cable is connected, a short can sometimes damage the Retimer Chip on the PS 5 motherboard.  This would result in a no signal to the TV but the HDMI port itself would almost certainly be fine.

Why Choose City PC Repairs to repair my PS5 HDMI Port

  • We only use original Sony Playstation 5 Parts.
  • All Playstation 5 repairs have at least a 6 month warranty, sometimes longer.
  • Our PS5 repairs are competitively priced.
  • Most repairs are completed within 24 to 48 hours.

PS 5 HDMI Replacement in Edinburgh

At City PC Repairs we have invested in the some of the best tools, Microscopes Etc to enable us to replace your PS 5 HDMI port and have it last as long as the original port.  No corners cut and no shoddy workshop practices as we have seen previously.

In this article we shall take you through the process of stripping the PS 5 down, removing and replacing the faulty HDMI port, and the reassembly of the PS 5 Console.  This may look easy but its not.  This is a job for an experienced technician capable of soldering/ micro soldering to a good level.

PS 5 HDMI Port Repairs Services Edinburgh

Removal of the side plates to gain access to the PS 5 Fan.  The PS 5 fan and the cover for the SSD Drive expansion slot of the Playstation 5.

PS 5 Repair Edinburgh

Removal of the cables which make the front panel buttons perform there function.

Playstation 5 Repairs Edinburgh

In this case, the PS 5 HDMI port had actually broken off completley.  This is classed as a good result.  The 20 pins on the motherboard for the HDMI socket to be soldered to have survived in tact.

HDMI Port Repairs PS 5 Edinburgh

Using some flux to remove the parts of the HDMI port still left soldered to the board, this also cleans up the motherboard pads for a new HDMI port to be fitted correctly.  This ensures a good clean non contaminated connection.

ps 5 repairs leith

The new port being fitted.  Aligning all the pins and checking for a good solid connection on each.

All thats required now is to reassemble the PS 5 and test to make sure we have a video signal and that the audio is working fine aswell.

PS 5 Consoles Repairs Edinburgh – City PC Repairs Elgin Terrace, Edinburgh

At City PC Repairs we offer a full repair service for the following consoles.

Xbox One S

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Ps 5

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Click or call for you your free fixed price console repair quote.  0131 661 9591, ask for John.

PS 5 Repairs for Edinburgh


PS 5 Repairs in Leith, Edinburgh – F.A.Q


Q.  How much will it cost to have my PS 5 HDMI port repaired or replaced?

A.  Please call 0131 661 9591 for current pricing, ask for John.


Q.  How long will it take to repair or replace my PS 5 HDMI port?

A.  Usually this is a next day service, may be longer should the damage be extensive.  The pads of the motherboard may be pulled etc..  This may take an extra day to repair properly.


Q.  Will I need to back up my Playstation 5 games and game saves?

A.  No, all your data should be as it was when we received the PS 5 at our Edinburgh Shop.


Q.  Will the repair void my Sony PS 5 warranty?

A.  Tricky one this.  A repair should not void the warranty.  If concerned then please contact Sony direct to check first.


Q.  Will I be charged should you not be able to fix my Sony PS 5 Console?

A.  Generally not, in a few small cases we may ask for a contribution towards some of our time.  This will be discussed with you before hand.


Q.  If I post/courier my console to you, who is resposible for postage cost?

A.  The customer is responsible for postage/courier costs both ways.


Sony PS 5 Repairs Shop Edinburgh

PS 5 Repairs Services by Post/Courier

City PC repairs offers a PS 5 repair service by post and courier, we accept Play station 5 consoles by post and courier to the following address.

City PC Repairs

14 Elgin Terrace



0131 661 9591

Please use an insured, tracked and traced service, please include your full contact details so we can call you once your PS 5 arrives safely with us.  We accept PS 5 gaming consoles from all over Scotland.  We accept no liability for any missing consoles in the post to us.

If unsure about your PS5 Console repair then please call 0131 661 9591 and ask for John, we can then offer the correct advice and guide you appropriately.

Please not we no longer perform any repairs for console controllers, wether this be Playstation, Nintendo or Xbox.