Laptop Keyboard Repairs Edinburgh

Laptop Keyboard Repairs Edinburgh Laptop Keyboard Repairs Edinburgh.  This is a strange one.  The customer reported that various keys had stopped working on this Acer Aspire v13 laptop.  The customer assured me that no liquid had been over the laptop and that it was well looked after.  On taking the laptop apart we confirmed no […]

SD Card Data Recovery Services

SD Card Data Recovery Services Specialist SD Card Data Recovery Services.  At City PC Repairs we are specialists in data recovery.  We are one of the few truly independent data recovery specialists in Edinburgh.  We can recover user data from most media types.  Hard drive, SSD, SD card, Compact Flash, Smartphones and Tablets. We can […]

Xbox One Repairs Edinburgh – Console Repairs

Xbox One Repairs Edinburgh Xbox One Repairs Edinburgh, Console Repairs Edinburgh.  At City PC Repairs we don’t just repair Laptops, Macs, Phones and Tablets.  We also have a full repair service for Xbox and Play Station.  In this particular case below this was a broken HDMI socket.  We stripped the Xbox One and cleaned the […]

Microsoft Surface Repairs Edinburgh

Microsoft Surface Repairs Edinburgh Recently we received this Microsoft Surface Tablet through the post for repairs.  On looking at the tablet the back of the case looked to be slightly deformed.  We initially thought that this would be a waste of time.  Still we tried our best to repair it to our usual high standards.  […]

MacBook Repairs Edinburgh – liquid spill, no power no nothing

Macbook Repairs Edinburgh – Trusted Apple Repairs Edinburgh – Specialist Mac Repairs Edinburgh   This Macbook Air was handed in for repairs.  A1466 Was the model number.  The chap was local and stays across the road from our shop.  It was working fine until he spilled some coffee on it.  He thought he had got […]

Lenovo Laptop Repairs Edinburgh – Slow Running Lenovo Laptop Fixed

Lenovo Laptop Repairs Edinburgh- HP Laptop Repairs Edinburgh  Asus Laptop Repairs Edinburgh – Dell Laptop Repairs Edinburgh A customers very slow running Lenovo Laptop in for repairs.  After Checking it out we suggested changing the Hard Drive to an SSD Drive.  In every other way this laptop was working fine but was just very slow.  After […]

Macbook Pro Repairs Edinburgh

Apple Macbook Pro Repairs Edinburgh An Edinburgh based customer dropped this Apple Macbook Pro in for repairs after a liquid spill.  This was a nightmare job, the customer managed to spill liquid over this Apple Macbook  Pro.  I think it was a 2018 model.  Anyway after spilling the liquid the customer thought they had got […]

Ipad Repairs Edinburgh – Smashed Display

Ipad Repairs Edinburgh At City PC Repairs our Ipad Repairs Service Edinburgh takes care of any repair for any model of Ipad.  Be it Ipad, Ipad Air or Ipad Mini. If your Ipad battery is dead or not holding its charging like it used to we can help.  As with this Ipad handed in by […]

Apple Mac Repairs Edinburgh

Apple Mac Repairs Edinburgh An Apple Mac handed in for Repairs at our Edinburgh office.  This must be the slowest Apple Imac I have ever seen.  From powering on the Apple Mac we timed it at 7 minutes 13 seconds to boot to the desktop on this machine.  We did a complete diagnostic and found […]