Apple IMac Repairs – Slow running and virus removal to be precise

This Apple IMac was running slow as  a slow thing from slow-ville. ] After uninstalling the rubbish and removing a few viruses things are much better.  And yes an Apple Mac can and do get viruses and spyware.  

PC Desktop Upgrades – New Faster CPU and Motherboard I3 to I5 CPU

This customer upgraded from Windows 7 to Windows 10 and noticed the speed of the computer decreased straight away.  As Microsoft will be pulling support for Windows 7 shortly she decided to upgrade the CPU, Motherboard and Ram at the same time. Only replacing 3 components but you always end up with a load of […]

Ipad Repairs Edinburgh

Ipad Repairs, Smashed Screens just for a change. At least its not a Sony Xperia.

Another smashed Ipad for Repair, hopefully we don’t find any further damage underneath the home button.

Iphone Repairs edinburgh

More Iphone’s to repair, smashed screens and faulty home buttons mainly.

Seen more than my fair share of Iphone’s for repair this week, almost all of them either screen replacements required or non working home buttons.

Imac Repairs Edinburgh

Slow Imac, cleaned and service and hard drive changed to an ssd

This Imac had been running slow for years. The suggested repair was to strip and clean the interior and copy the user data to a new SSD drive to increase the speed. The customer will be well happy when they see the speed increase.

Custom Built Computers Edinburgh

Custom Built Computers for a Local Business In Edinburgh

A few custom built Desktop PC’s for a local company upgrading their PC’s, for making tax digital.

Apple Imac Repairs Edinburgh

Imac Screen Repairs or should that be replacement and quick service.

Had a few Imac’s in this week for repair, this one fell off the edge of a table and smashed the display. We completed the diagnostics on this one and everything survived intact apart from the display which is on order for Monday.

Brennan JB 5 power Socket Repair – Before and After

  This is a rather neat but expensive bit of kit, it allows you to rip cd’s on to the internal hard drive and play your cd collection from the device itself with the included speakers.  This had been sitting in the customer house for a few months needing fixed.  Initially we had repaired the […]

HP Spectre, dropped by the customer. Replaced the screen, bios update and power button fix.

This was a nightmare HP Spectre. The customer dropped it breaking the display and digitizer, he also managed to damaged the power button as well. We managed to re-solder the power button, ran a bios update and replaced the display