Brennan JB 5 power Socket Repair – Before and After

  This is a rather neat but expensive bit of kit, it allows you to rip cd’s on to the internal hard drive and play your cd collection from the device itself with the included speakers.  This had been sitting in the customer house for a few months needing fixed.  Initially we had repaired the […]

HP Spectre Repairs Edinburgh – HP Laptop Repairs

HP Spectre Screen Repairs Edinburgh HP Spectre Laptop Repairs Edinburgh Our HP Spectre Laptop Repairs Edinburgh. This Hp Spectre Laptop was handed in for laptop screen repairs.  The customer managed to drop the laptop and smash the touch screen and display. This should have been a fairly straight forward job.  Anyway we could only get […]

Laptop Repairs Edinburgh

Data Recovery Service – another early SSD failure

Data Recovery Service – Hard Drive and SSD At City PC Repairs we offer a full data recovery service, SSD and Hard Drive.  Unlike most computer repairs shops.  We have invested heavily over the last few years obtaining the industry standard data recovery hardware and software.  The PC3000 Express with SSD addon supplied by Ace […]

HP laptop repairs edinburgh

Laptop Repairs Edinburgh – Ram Sockets Repaired

Laptop Repairs Edinburgh Repairs to an HP laptop at our Edinburgh workshop.  The customer had been having problems getting the this HP laptop to boot to the desktop.  Whenever he switched the laptop on it would have power but just display a blank screen.  Over a number of weeks he worked out a fix.  If […]

Macbook Air Repair – Liquid Damage, Green Tea to be precise, strip and clean and fingers crossed we can salvage it.

Macbook Air Repairs Edinburgh Macbook Air Repairs Edinburgh.  This owner of this Apple Macbook Air managed to spill green tea over the keyboard.  The customer said it wasn’t a lot of tea  so he continued to use it.  The next time he switched the Apple Macbook Air on it wouldn’t power up.  If you have […]

Tablet Repairs Edinburgh

Hudl Tablet Battery Replacement

This customer thought the charging problem was with the charging socket.  After further investigation we found the battery has simply given up.

Tablet Repairs Edinburgh – Nexus 7 2nd Gen Micro USB Repair

Tablet Repairs Edinburgh – Samsung Tablet Repairs Edinburgh – Sony Tablet Repairs Edinburgh – Android Tablet Repairs – Ipad Repairs Edinburgh This customer thought that after 4 years use the battery needed replaced. It needed just the charging socket that needed replaced which we had in stock.  This was a same day repair.  We took […]

Edinburgh Laptop Repairs

Edinburgh Laptop Repairs – HP, Lenovo, Acer, Dell, Asus Edinburgh Laptop Repairs – HP, Lenovo, Acer, Dell, Asus.  This is an Hp laptop handed in because it started to run slow and the base would get very hot.  The system fan would always be running and the customer was getting fed up listening to it […]